29 November 2012

Babies on Death Row

Courtesy of UK's national health system.  Coming soon to the US?

Story at the UK Daily Mail online.  Warning:  it's the Mail-- the sidebar is always somewhat racy.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the warning. I have a small child next to me and don't want him (or I) to witness any immodesty. You've came along way since the "bad hair day" days. God Bless you.


Jane Chantal said...

We all should be grateful for the anonymous doctor's willingness to speak to the media; perhaps his testimony will be the beginning of the end of this monstrousness. What I cannot understand, though, is: why have so many people -- even one is too many, of course, but clearly there have been more! -- been cooperating in it? How, for that matter, can this doctor have allowed the first victim's suffering to continue while he watched, let alone allowed ten victims to be tortured unto death in this way? Was he that afraid of something, and if so, in Heaven's name what?

Has no one quit their job over there rather than participate in such evil, and if so, what would their revulsion not extend to speaking out publicly? It would be difficult to believe that -- even in these times -- so many who work daily as physicians and nurses have resisted doing so.

Of course, it is the Culture of Death that has brought us to this point, and similar callousness is necessary in the abortion industry. I have to think, though, that the abortion industry has prospered largely because those allowing the killing have not had to watch the victim's sufferings go on for such a long time, and in such intimate proximity.

Could our country -- which, after all, tolerated what was done to Terri Schiavo -- soon permit this to be done to our children and elderly, as a matter of policy? I can't allow myself to believe it...but then, I would bet that many Britons are asking themselves how this could happen in England.

Come on said...

To parent:

If you don't want him to witness any immodesty, better lock him in the closet. Certainly don't let him sit by you while on the computer.

Anonymous said...

Dear moderator, I thought you were going to tighten the belt on those posting without a name?