21 November 2012

Cool New "Magnificat"-Type Companion to the Traditional Mass

I saw this on the excellent Badger Catholic blog.  If you have ever read the publication Magnificat (for the novus ordo), you will get a sense of the beauty and format of Laudamus Te, a new companion missal-ette and devotional for the Traditional Mass.  The website is here, and a sample of the Advent edition is here.


Elizabeth said...

I imagine this might be useful for those who are brand new to the traditional Mass or those who don't own a Missal. After looking at the first issue, my opinion is that the small red booklet by Ecclesia Dei that you find in trad Churches is MUCH more informative than this is.

I received my first issue yesterday and was surprised ~ it's almost exactly like Magnificat, maybe even smaller. Other than a couple of very short essays, it's basically the Mass readings for every day the issue covers and the Ordinary of the Mass. Each feast day has a brief intro about the saint, etc. Any one of my Missals has so much more than this.

As I recall from my early days as a convert when I bought Magnificat, it had much more in the way of real articles.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this. I have been hoping for something like this. Happy Thanksgiving.


Badger Catholic said...

I did end up receiving the first edition a few days after posting this. There was a note that the Christmas edition would have lauds and vespers as well, this edition was just the text for the Mass.