01 November 2012

Cutting the Ties that Biondi?

The student government at Saint Louis University has joined the faculty and is calling for the ouster of President Fr. Lawrence Biondi.

The cause most often stated is the now-pulled proposal to change the tenure rules for faculty. To this idea I make no comment, as I have never worked in the field of higher education. I understand that faculty would be motivated by their job security. I guess also that thinking students (whatever that percentage may be) believe that faculty uncertainty could lead to faculty exodus and difficulty in hiring quality faculty, thus hurting the marketability of their degrees.

OK, I get that. But you know what? It would have been nice, at a "Catholic" university, to see faculty and students get half as worked up by the many decisions and policies of the administration that violated the school's Catholic identity and mission, and the truths of the Catholic faith and the natural law. These have been legion-- from the school's disavowal of the descriptor "Catholic" in open Court, to its many questionable personnel decisions ( the highest profile ones involving pro-abortion faculty including Rick Majerus and the odious new dean of the law school), to its groups that oppose the Church's teaching on ordination and oppose the Divine Law on marriage, to its production of the V-Monologues, and so on, and so on...
That is why I find the above photo from the P-D to be just a bit ironic.

I don't know if Fr. Biondi will hang on or not. But it would be nice if the next SLU President wanted to run an actually Catholic University.


peggy r said...

It is an odd situation. Too bad they're not complaining he's too Catholic for them. What a blessing if would be if that school had either a president or a faculty that demanded fidelity and orthodoxy.

I find the faculty and students to be very disrespectful in all this.

Maybe I don't know enough about the situation.

Anonymous said...

Meh. There is little that is more tedious or less newsworthy than a "power" "struggle" at an institution of "higher" "learning".

Is it just me, or is a dispute between Biondi, a typical University faculty and a typical student body like watching two, no make that three, bald men fighting over a comb.

Proud SLPS Parent

Latinmassgirl said...

SLU would have to elect a non-Jesuit president in order to make the University truly Catholic, or even "almost" Catholic. All the Jesuit saints are surely praying for this once Catholic order. How disheartening. . .

StGuyFawkes said...

I suspect that the story the Post is afraid to touch is that many faculty members hate him because of his "personal leadership style."

First hand sources have told me that Fr. Biondi speaks in a vigorous street demotic which is like that of a movie gangster.

His style has been angering the gentler, collegial souls of the university for years.

SLU Insider said...

Just read about the board chair who thinks he's working with a for profit and compensate board. This is getting ridic--tweedle dee and tweedle dumber(er)