20 November 2012

Here Comes CCHD Sunday. They Want Your Money. And for What?


Long Pants said...

Ha! Do you really think intelligent readers are going to be swayed when you cite sources like these to support your ant-church stance?

Forward-Slash_S said...

Take the time to watch this over the Thanksgiving holiday if you can. The research is deep and compelling.

I refuse to support the CCHD, and suggest other Catholics withhold their support as well until proven assurances can be given that financial assistance is not provided to organizations opposed to Catholic teaching.

Give your stewardship dollars to local organizations you know do not violate Catholic sensibilities, and let the CCHD know you've done so and why.

The Bishops need to reform this and remove the clowns that have hijacked this originally good work. They are accountable because, the buck stops with them (no pun intended).


thetimman said...

Long Pants,

How dare you?! I do not, and never have, supported the Ant Church-- nor I have I consciously held Ant Church views.

Apologize, sir (or ma'am).

Happy Thanksgiving,
the blogger.