28 November 2012

"What is political correctness if not the application of communist dictatorship to the mind rather than to the means of production?"

I decided to post a link to this column by Nicholas Farrell at Takimag for this line alone. A brilliant insight, indeed.

The piece concerns the absurdity of the modern DWI law, with a side order of the venality of the "rehabilitation" racket in the criminal justice systems of the West. Farrell shrewdly calls it for what it is-- reeducation.

The communists were defeated abroad (we are told), yet within the host states of the West they have won. Yes, they have won by sucking the lifeblood of freedom out of their hosts. They now dominate Boards of Education, City Councils, universities, social programs, Congresses and White Houses.

I can just imagine General Washington crossing the Delaware, undoubtedly praying that maybe one day the new nation he hoped to deliver would be able to spy on its citizens, arbitrarily arrest and imprison them, and kill 4,000 babies every day-- all in the noble mission to ensure that two men would be able to commit sodomy and call it marriage.

Two Sweeps Over the Limit


Mark S. Abeln said...

Decades ago I read a book by the long-time FBI director J. Edgar Hoover about the Communist subversions in the U.S.

A few things stick in my mind, including his glossary of Communist terms. "Political correctness" was one term, which meant toeing the Party line.

Another was the claim by a Communist that they had placed 5000 of their members in seminaries. One wonders whatever happened to those men.

Concerned said...

This reminded me of an article in Pravda that Drudge linked to a few days ago. It's worth a read: http://english.pravda.ru/opinion/columnists/19-11-2012/122849-obama_soviet_mistake-0/

LMG said...

Funny article, but our DWI laws aren't near as harsh as Italy's - yet. Europe is ahead of us in the communism take over, so far.

I do think that the intention of the law is worthy; to protect people from getting plowed into by people who are sloppy drunk. Unfortunately, a drunk person only need get behind the wheel one time to kill someone. As someone whose car was hit by an 80 year old drunk driver, many years ago, (I was injured), I also disagree with the only under 30 year old men have accidents opinion.