12 November 2012

Joseph Pearce to Speak in St. Louis on Evelyn Waugh and the Liturgy

Well-known Catholic Author and Speaker Joseph Pearce will be speaking at the Oratory of SS. Gregory and Augustine on December 9, 2012 on the following topic:

The Death and Resurrection of the Mass: Evelyn Waugh and the Liturgical Madness Revisited

The presentation begins at 7 pm, with drinks and hors d' oeuvres following.  This event is held to mark the Fifth Anniversary of the Oratory.

Location:  Kevin Kline Theater at the St. Louis Priory School, 500 South Mason Road, St. Louis, MO 63141.  For more information, please call 314-439-0151.

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Rory said...

In Passion Week of 1966 Waugh wrote to a friend the last of his published letters where he laments the decline of the liturgy already, four years before the Novus Ordo:

"Easter used to mean so much to me. Before Pope John and his Council - they destroyed the beauty of the liturgy. I have not yet soaked myself in petrol and gone up in flames, but I now cling to the faith doggedly and without joy. Church going is a pure duty parade. I shall not live to see it restored." (The Letters of Evelyn Waugh, Penguin 1984, edited by Mark Amory, p. 639)

I have puzzled over that a bit given the timing. I know there had been some "new masses" even before THE Novus Ordo. Or maybe the English were monkeying around on their own already? In any event, a perhaps happier note is recorded by the editor as a comment to this final letter:

"Waugh died on Easter Day, 10 April 1966. He attended Mass, said in the form he preferred by Father Caraman, returned to Combe Florey and had a sudden heart attack in the morning."

I hope there will be comments from the conference. Pearce is an excellent biographer, and it would not surprise me, but I was unaware if he shares the view expressed by Evelyn Waugh.