13 November 2012

Li'l Help?

Blogger has suddenly caused my blog to show only one post on my homepage. All posts are there-- you can click he older posts link to read them. But I can't fix the issue and contacting blogger for help is harder than getting into Fort Knox.

The settings are correctly set to 'show10 posts'. So, I tried that. And I don't know a thing about code.

So, dear readers, any help? Post in the combox, and thanks.

This will trigger my long-mused transfer to Wordpress if I can't solve this.


thetimman said...

Great; now it shows two. Stupid blogger.

dulac90 said...

Apparently everything begins and ends with Evelyn Waugh.

Forward-Slash_S said...

My guess is that the story on His Excellency Bishop Fellay was probably long enough to push everything to the next page, thus leaving the blue void. I don't think Blogger app is smart enough to truncate an article. It should eventually rectify itself as you post new articles.


thetimman said...


I believe you have it. Thank'ee kindly.

I'm more stupider than blogger.

Mother Crab said...

Me fail English? That unpossible!