08 November 2012

"We Must Throw Off the Modernism that Has Ravaged Our Faith and Our Families."

An election wrap-up, yes, but a call to action.  I have one or two quibbles with facts or phrasing, but he largely nails it.  And when it comes to the situation of the country and the Church in America, absolutely so.

Please watch this.


Forward-Slash_S said...

Should be required watching by EVERY PRELATE IN AMERICA and a replacement of a Sunday Homily in EVERY PARISH IN AMERICA.


Long-Skirts said...


Our leaders don't lead anymore
Our heroes aren't valiant anymore
Our fathers aren't home anymore
Our mothers won't birthe anymore

Our churches don't awe anymore
Our futures aren't safe anymore
Our past no roots anymore
Our present not ours anymore

The truth glossed o’er anymore
But hang a cross anymore
They'll all appear anymore
Outraged at faith anymore

They share their lusts and explore
They're seasoned whores to the core
They're salt of the earth they implore
These Sodomed - souls at Hell’s door

Anonymous said...

Voris is as loony as Glen Beck. If you want to be taken seriously...oh nevermind. I don't think you do.


dulac90 said...


I'd like to read the conclusion of your thought:

If you want to be taken seriously...

Fall in line?
Don't make judgements?
Take a moderate stance?

Phil said...

I really like Voris and all his videos. Thanks for posting.

Elizabeth said...

Forward-Slash_S: While watching this latest Voris piece, I had the exact same thought. Every priest, bishop and lay Catholic must watch this, listen to this.

Karen said...

I'll bet it's been sent to them by the hundreds. Do you think they will listen? They haven't listened for 40+ years. Maybe when they get jailed or fined into oblivion...

Alison said...

At the end of election day nothing changed. As one of my friends so beautiful pointed out to me, we are just all still called to be saints.
For me the problem and the solution begins with me. I must work on me first and all the strategies can be left to the God's grace.

It is easier to point fingers and feel holy because you are more on point than the bishops or even the Pope but at the end of the day, it is up to us to start with the first things first.

I am so grateful for the comfort of good friends.

Karen said...


You are so right. I'm glad you posted and got my focus back on track.

Anonymous said...

Seven sentences into this, he says "... God has thrown the towel in on us and has given us an evil leader."

There are so many things wrong with this sentence I don't know where to begin.

So ... our God is "punishing us?"

The president of the USA is summarily condemned as "evil?" No disclaimers or qualifications whatsoever? E.g. might he be a good father, a loving husband, a man who dearly loves his country, a loving son, and someone who sides more with the poor, the disenfranchised and the uninsured than, oh, let's say ... billionaires?

I think it'd be okay to say that Adolph Hitler did horrifically evil things.

It's not like Obama has, oh, lied like crazy about a foreign country and invaded this 2nd richest oil producing country in the world, immediately killing over 100,000 men, women and children, and indirectly causing the death of 250,000 others.

All I can think of is Red Rider's song: "Lunatic Fringe: I know you're out there"


thetimman said...


I think he was spot on.

And your buddy still has troops in many countries, bombing civilians. Guantanamo still open. Patriot Act and NDRA still law, supported by him. And he sure likes to see babies killed.

So, keep your blinders on, but put yourself on that lunatic fringe.

Anonymous said...

Some of us just don't see things in bi-polar black and white. We see things in gray - many shades of gray. To label any human "evil" might be akin to labeling a baby "just tissue." Or labelling one political party "good" and therefore the other "evil."

Yes, there are terrible things still going on in our so-called Christian nation. Horrific things, like sterilizing bombing from drones, our total support of Israel no matter what it does, our torture of suspects in foreign countries, our blaming the poor for being poor, blaming "foreignors" for wanting a better life ... on and on and on.

Let's face it - we live in the most militarized country on the planet, spending more than the next ten countries combined, and for the Neocons, that still is not enough.

Timman, just call me "evil," and trust me, I'll never visit this site again. And then you can lie awake at night proud that you've condemned someone else to hell - which I take it will give you goosebumps of self-pride, won't it?


thetimman said...


You said,

"Yes, there are terrible things still going on in our so-called Christian nation. Horrific things, like sterilizing bombing from drones, our total support of Israel no matter what it does, our torture of suspects in foreign countries, our blaming the poor for being poor, blaming "foreignors" for wanting a better life ... on and on and on. "

I am no neocon. I don't support any of those things you mention. Why do you think I would judge you worthy of hell? Pardon me, but there is a disconnect in your logic. The "seeing things in black/white vs grey" thing doesn't really say anything useful. What does it mean?

Some things are intrinsically evil. Most things are only evil or good depending on circumstances. Is it possible to defend willfully procured abortion consistent with the Divine Law? Let's go issue by issue.

You, like everyone else, are free to read this blog or not, as you like. But you may want to note the irony of so assuredly accusing someone else of self-pride. Yes?

Anonymous said...

Timman, YES, thank you very much, I was trying to say that things aren't so black and white, knowing that we agree on many things, and that the short list I gave you make it very hard to throw labels on us. That was EXACTLY my point.

Yet you posted something by Michael Voris STB who, 7 sentences in, declares that President Obama is "evil." Seems that Michael is saying that he is "intrinsically evil" without any of the nuances you gave, i.e. that "some things" are evil, depending on the circumstances.

To call a living human "evil" seems so, well, 3,000 years ago.

Even the Vatican would say that Mussolini "made the trains run on time" - without calling him "evil."

Michael didn't nuance his grade-school namecalling at all. When you agree with him and say he is "spot on," do you agree that "Obama is evil?"


PS. Does that make the Republican majority in the House, Senate, Supreme Court and President Bush all evil as well, since they held all the power in the land, and used it to ... not save babies, but invade Iraq and redistribute wealth to the upper class? Or are your labels only for "them."