20 December 2012

A-Ha! I Knew It!

What might have been considered eccentric behavior or even--gasp!-- laziness by some readers has actually been proven to be a genius-level plan to avoid burglary. In this story at KMOX, the St. Louis Police Department warns residents that decorating one's house for Christmas can attract thieves:

Police Warn Homeowners to Avoid Christmas Crime

Kevin Killeen

ST. LOUIS–(KMOX)–If your holiday light display shines like the Griswalds, are you inviting burglars to see what’s inside your home?

“Sometimes criminals look for targets, even houses that may be decorated,” said police Sgt. Catherine Dennis, “I’m not saying not to decorate, but sometimes they may look for that.”

Dennis outlined the dos-and-don’ts of Christmas crime prevention, reminding homeowners that it’s that time of year when Santa Claus isn’t the only one breaking into homes.

Among the recommendations :

**It’s OK to display your lighted tree in the window with the drapes open, but don’t let people driving by see presents in the window .

**If you’re not home, don’t have packages delivered there, sitting on the front porch to tempt passersby.

**Always keep your garage door closed, and if your garage attaches to the house, always lock the inside door.

**When shopping, there is safety in numbers. Watch your back, don’t count cash in public, and don’t carry chin-high arm loads of packages to your car.

**Always hide valuables out of site in the trunk.

If you’re looking for more home security to help you sleep at night, you may do what Sgt. Dennis did — get a dog. Dennis says twice burglars have tried to get into her home, but she has an Akita with sensitive hearing who has awakened and barked “like a wolf” to scare them away.

Yesterday, as a matter of fact, our festooned, tidy neighborhood was the unwilling host to a couple of losers who drove through the area and swiped delivery packages from several front porches. Luckily for us, no one gives us presents.

Though of course the police mean well here, this story makes me give a rueful chuckle. Yes, like a woman attacked by creeps, it's the house's fault for dressing like that!

And of course the one thing not mentioned, that seems pretty obvious to many, to make your home more secure from burglars would be to have adequate means of home defense. But no, that can't be right! If you own a gun to defend your family you are 99% likely to go crazy with it. Better to let the government defend you. The police won't stop any burglary, but at least they will help the survivors to make a list of stolen items.

We live in a world where the evidence of Original Sin is all around us, yet the answer of society is to legislate us into utopia instead of turning, as this season so urgently calls us, to the one Hope for fallen man and fallen societies-- Jesus Christ.

Merry Christmas from America.


Peggy R said...

Vindication is sweet, eh?

Anonymous said...

Paging Jimmy Carter. . . paging Jimmy Carter. . .

SLPS Parent