20 December 2012

Q: Where Are the Men in Church? A: Look for the Church That Makes Demands and Requires Sacrifice

Rod Dreher, the former Catholic turned schismatic known sometimes as the "Crunchy Con", posts on his blog about the dearth of men in many denominations, including in the Catholic Church (of which I would assume he refers to the novus ordo parishes he may have formerly frequented).

His general observations about the type of liturgy and dogma that attract men are spot on-- in short, a demanding and vertically-oriented liturgy and demanding and orthodox (meaning correct) dogma.  Find these, and find churches where fathers and husbands and sons-- and their families-- worship.  Both statistically and anecdotally, this is true in the Catholic parishes that celebrate the Traditional Latin Mass.

Dreher cites the example of the Orthodox churches.  Of course, the Orthodox churches do not obey the authority of the Successor of Peter, and are thus decidedly heterodox on a very important matter.  But when it comes to the relative stability of their teachings and liturgies, they mirror the draw of the Latin Church's Ancient Mass.

Doubt me?  Pick the name of one random parish in the Archdiocese and take a headcount at its principal Sunday Mass.  Then pick the name of one Latin Mass community out of a thimble and do the same.

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