18 December 2012

Two Catholic Parishes Violently Vandalized by Man with Sledgehammer

One of these two parishes, Our Lady of Prompt Succor, has for its pastor Father Edward Richard, the well-known moral theologian formerly on the faculty of Kenrick-Glennon Seminary of St. Louis.

The news story reports that this man had a history of violence and police think he was under the influence of drugs.  I wonder.  Certainly he was under the influence of something.  The report claims he said God wanted him to destroy statues.  

He started at Fr. Richard's parish and was caught in the act of destroying statues at another Catholic parish.  Many of these statues were quite old, and irreplaceable.  In between, he apparently broke the glass doors of two places belonging to the Baptist and Methodist sects, but did not damage anything inside.  No statues there, is my guess.

Stories here and here.  Video at the second link. Photos above of some of the damage, and of the alleged perpetrator.


X said...

When is this country going to get serious about sledgehammers?

Christophe said...

Clearly not a hate crime.

thetimman said...

X, agreed.

Christophe, I don't think it is-- meaning, I don't think anything should be a hate crime. It is simply a way to punish a person's thoughts, beliefs, or speech. The underlying action, such as burglary or vandalism or trespass, is already a crime. The hate crime is an arbitrary way to punish the government's perceived enemies. So, even here, when punishing this bit of hate, as the state must call it to avoid charges of unfairness when it punishes racists or anti- homosexuals, the state acts unjustly.

Christophe said...

My bad, Timman, I didn't read the linked article to notice that it has indeed been charged as a hate crime. There was no sarcasm font, but I was trying to make the point that hate crimes would have been charged had this been a mosque, synagogue, Masonic temple, ethical society, Planned Parenthood mill, etc. I agree with you, there should be no hate crimes. (Although, in a Catholic state, sacrilege would be a crime.)