23 January 2013

Appeasement: The Never-Ending Surrender

The infamous photo of the head of the USCCB having a pleasant dinner with our persecutor, after having been complicit in helping him foist nationalized and mandatory "healthcare" on the nation-- including the nation's Catholics-- that requires abortion/contraception coverage, continues to be the best critique of the absolute failure of episcopal leadership in our country. And it will continue to be so, as long as Cardinal Dolan and the modernist bureaucracy at the Conference continue to carry the water for our own persecution by the agents of Moloch.

Trust the administration! The President would never force Catholics to pay for abortifacients, contraception, or sterilization! Right.

And now? Trust the administration! The President would never deny anyone the freedom to practice his religion!

And yet...

Cardinal Dolan told Catholic News Service in an email reply to questions that among other topics covered with Biden, the USCCB would be available to assist in "the fight for greater gun control in the country."

He added that the U.S. and global church's long-held advocacy for gun control is "really a pro-life position."

"The unfettered access to assault weapons and handguns, along with the glorification of violence in our 'entertainment' industry -- whether in movies, on television, or in video games -- is really all part of a culture of death, as Blessed John Paul II called it."

That's right, Your Eminence, because Obama would never attempt to infringe on the rights of innocent human life. My apologies for being so cynical.

Justice Antonin Scalia stood more strongly for the faith in anticipation of martyrdom simply by wearing a nifty hat.

St. Thomas More, pray for us!


Anonymous said...

'Appeasement: The Never-Ending Surrender' with the tagline: 'Having a Ba'al with Moloch'

With all due respect your Grace, 'unfettered access to (guns) ... a part of the culture of death'? Really? So then it would follow that with fettered (controlled) access, it would become less a part of the culture of death. I guess butcher knives are apparently part of this 'culture' as some in the UK are aiming to outlaw those as well. What next, garden shears? Darts? The culture of death is born in mans heart - he can use any means to achieve this evil. Disarming a free people is not the answer.


Anonymous said...

But should we expect anything different? Where are the Princes of the Church? Where are the Burkes ... where have they gone? Lord give us courageous leaders who are not afraid of calling out evil for what it is.

"What we are still asking of the Church, or of those who say they are men of the Church, or of those who hold the important posts in the Church, those who are responsible for the Faith, what we are asking of them is to keep the Faith for us! Give us the Faith. We want the Catholic Faith, we don't want any other!" Abp. Lefebvre


Peggy R said...

Didn't the bible say something about being shrewd. The US bishops have only 2 workable approaches methinks.

1. Don't play ball at all or aid Barry (or either party perhaps) at all on any level on any issue. To hell with common ground. ("There, I said it." a la Mark Levin!)
2. Offer to aid on gun control if and only if, the HHS mandate and other offensive policies are dropped. Do not make a move until they are completely and officially dropped. We need some Sicilian bishops here, I think.

And, indeed, Scalia's hat choice is very significant. God bless him.

Aged parent said...

Dear Peggy:

I'm afraid I must disagree with your thoughts on this.

In the first place, we are FAR, FAR past the time when sitting down and being cordial with sodomites and murderers is going to do the slightest bit of good whatsoever. These people merely laugh at clowns like Dolan. The time now is for strong, unequivocal, unbending opposition to these monsters. The president of the US is a murderer. Pure and simple. He sits on his little throne every Tuesday and orders the death of some poor innocents in Mesopotamia without bothering for evidence, trials, lawyers or any other little inconveniences. He just murders them. He also favors the unspeakable crime of child murder. He now wants to shove down the throats of those he rules the stench of buggery. What common ground can we find with such as him?

Prudence is one thing; obsequiosness is quite another. Our Bishops (and, tragically, our Popes) have been very poor of late in withstanding these evils. Just tghe other day the Pope said to assistant persecutor Leon Panetta, "Thanks for helping to keep the world safe." Yes, he actually said that to a man who is complicit in each and every one of the president's crimes. If even the Pope cannot muster the courage to call a spade a spade then perhaps we should not be so hard on the Dolans and Wuerls of the world.

Your second suggestion, that of a bargain, is not tenable for the very simple reason that these are not honorable men and they will readily knife Churchmen in the back by reneging on such an agreement. No, you cannot dance with the Devil.

I don't say these things to depress you, or in a spirit of carping criticism, but merely to show you that the "Mr Nice Guy" approach has not worked in the past and will not work in the future. The only thing these creeps understand is power. If only our Churchmen would begin to realize that they possess that power...if only they would use it.