30 January 2013

Happy Anniversary, Maestro!

A kind reader reminded me that January 31 marks five years since Mr. Nick Botkins was named Dirctor of Sacred Music at St. Francis de Sales Oratory.

The Mass is the Mass, of course, and the TLM is said in a greater number of places all the time. But I can say that the sacred music at the Oratory is something special. Mr. Botkins took a music program that was good and made it sublime, maximizing the skills of his scholae, choristers, and musicians.

As anyone who has attended the Oratory or the Gaudete Gala can attest, we are very blessed to have him.

Congratulations! Don't go anywhere, especially to Texas. That gets old.


Anonymous said...

My how time flies! Congratulations Mr. Botkins!


Anonymous said...

These five years we have enjoyed the Masses of Mozart, Gounod, Fauré and others, not to mention the countless beautiful motets. Thank you, Mr. Botkins for your dedication and love of the liturgy. It has made the Oratory a true center of Catholic culture.


Hootiecootie said...

Yes. Deo Gratias! Thank you Mr. Botkins for sharing your love of music especially with my children. It is magnificent and truly fitting for the Mass.

Mother Crab said...

Thank you Mr. Botkins for providing such wonderful opportunities for my children. From playing their violins and cellos to singing in the sanctuary for first Friday mass, my children have received excellent examples of Catholic culture and great musical training from you.

So please, Mr. Botkins, don't go anywhere. I want my children to continue to learn from you, but more importantly, and I think I speak for anyone who has heard me sing, who would indulge me by playing piano at my parties?

dulac90 said...

Yes, Mr. Botkins' efforts have yielded many fruits for my family as well.

Certainly his influence will be carried afar...even to Texas!

Hootiecootie said...

Are you having a party Mother Crab? :) I think we can all use one!

Patricia said...

Thank you so very much Mr. Botkins.

The music is truly beautiful. Yes, especially do not leave...and do not go to Texas, Missouri is # 1of all the states.

Patricia in St. Louis, MO