16 January 2013

Meatless Friday Wednesday: Art and Royalty Edition

Off the beaten path, blog-wise, but this interesting piece on the ham-fisted portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge by Joseph McKenzie at Takimag caught my attention with this little excerpt of truthiness:

...Good taste retired from Albion’s shores at the marriage of Charles Windsor and Diana Spencer—some would say well before then, as far back as the 1950s when Elizabeth II transformed the monarchy into a TV reality show. The English ceased to cultivate the arts when Henry VIII delegitimized his throne by placing it above the one Jesus had given to Peter.

Consider that the black-garbed, grim-faced, and serially divorced Puritans are doctrinally iconoclastic. Art, especially good art, has always been their enemy—witness the desecration of statues at Utrecht during the Beeldenstorm of 1566, the work of hardcore Calvinists who would later spread their proto-communist rot to America’s eastern shores...

I have to agree with McKenzie that "instead of a portrait, Emsley has produced an overblown mug shot."


Jane Chantal said...

Wow. WOW.

McKenzie's commentary is insightful to the point of leaving one stunned.

I will (cringingly) say in Emsley's defense is that imo he did not set out to create, nor did he create, a nasty visual hatchet-job on the scale of some that have occasionally been foisted on the royals and their public in recent years. (Am thinking particularly of portraits of QEII by Lucian Freud and Justin Mortimer, and of the Queen Mother by Alison Watt. Would suggest googling those after a fortifying drink.)

doughboy said...

yeah ... me no like.