11 January 2013

Really Want to End the Bulk of Gun Violence? Think This One Over

Reprinted in full from LewRockwell.com:
A 5 Step Plan To Significantly Reduce Gun Violence in the US

by Robert Wenzel
Economic Policy Journal

1. Abolish the DEA and end the war on drugs. A large part of gun violence comes as a result of the drug market being forced underground. Drug dealers have to shoot to stay alive, just like Al Capone had to during Prohibition. 
End the drug war and drugs would be sold at drugstores by little old lady cashiers – -and at a fraction of the price – thus reducing all kinds of drug related crime.

2. Abolish the FDA and government involvement in drugs. Big pharma, which owns the FDA and the White House, is behind the mind altering drugs that have been taken by many of the crazed shooters. Drugs paid for and promoted by the government. Let's end the government promotion of these drugs, which can turn young men mad.

3. End minimum wage laws. Urban youth, in particular, with few skills, are the victims of the minimum wage laws. Their marginal revenue productivity is not high enough to warrant businesses hiring them. Thus, they roam, looking for targets to rob.

4. Abolish the Department of Education. Government education is a myth. It's an open air prison. The only thing learned at public schools is how to become a thug.

5. End gun control. Guns are the great equalizer. Robberies will really go down when criminals know that the potential victims could be carrying.
Bonus idea: End gun registration and destroy all records of who owns guns.

Gun registration is only one step away from gun confiscation. The most important reason to own a gun is so that individuals can protect themselves should a government get oppressively totalitarian. The last thing that an individuals should want is the government having a list of who owns guns.


thetimman said...

The only real disagreement is with the first entry, and that is a minor one. I have not done enough study on the various types of illegal drugs to state with certainty that there aren't any that should be outlawed in the interests of a morally healthy society. But the general points that too many people rot in jail for relatively minor drug offenses and that the "war on drugs" has greatly increased related, violent crime are sound.

Anonymous said...

The FDA does not "promote" drugs. Without any regulatory oversight by the FDA, the vast number of drugs in the drug company pipelines could be marketed with limited efficacy or without adequate safety testing. Just as is done with neutraceuticals and supplements today. Hence the health issues with Ma Huang (ephedra) and other deadly supplements (Creosote tea). Streamline the FDA? Sure. Eliminate their function altogether? Good for industry, bad for consumer health. Libertarianism works great in a vacuum, not so well in reality.

-JP, St. Louis

bichael said...

Without the FDA, who will tell me how many tylenol I can take? Help! Waaah!

Joe C said...

The fact that some form of pharm oversight MAY be necessary, does not mean that Libertarianism only works in a vacuum.