15 January 2013

Where Are the Children?

I had the mis, good OK, misfortune to see an interview of Mayor Francis Slay on the Charles Jaco Show the other day. Slay was putting forth his case to win reelection, and Jaco stood in front of a green screen and pretended to be in Qatar asked him about the decrease in St. Louis city population of 29,000 since the last census.

Mayor Slay noted the poor quality of public education, stating that in the last ten years the city has lost 22,000 children.

And that, good people, was a vast improvement on the last several censuses.

We are down 22,000 children in ten years. Extrapolate the number just a bit into the future...

Now the news of the closure of St. Elizabeth Academy and the imminent closure of St. John the Baptist make even more sense.

And so of course the news that the city CYC district will be no more is also a yawn.

Have you read Children of Men, by P.D. James? You might want to soon.

While there are people to print it, and people to read it.

Ban assault weapons? How about banning contraceptives?


Anonymous said...

Actually, we could go a long way by reducing abortion. William Johnston maintains an intriguing website called Johnston's Archive that, among a wide range of topics, tracks abortion statistics. If you total the number of reported abortions for St. Louis City from 2001 through 2009 (and assume 2009 numbers for 2010), you quickly determine where over 15000 of those children went.

Bryan Kirchoff
St. Louis

Anonymous said...

When you mention the sad and imminent closing of Saint John the Baptist, are you talking about the grade school or the entire parish? I believe the closing of the parish high school was the last act of Msgr. (now Bishop) Rice as pastor about five or six years ago, wasn't it?

What Sisters ran St. Elizabeth's? Are any of them still around? I suppose it is an LCWR group which means more than likely they would have gicvne up on the project of running a Catholic school years ago. What's the story? I am a former St. Louisan now living hundres of miles away, so you are one of my most reliable news sources for St. Louis! (Thanks for that, by the way.) JM

Long-Skirts said...


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thetimman said...

The elementary school. I posted a link to the pd story on it in my post on the closure of st. Elizabeth academy a few posts back.

thetimman said...

Agreed. Different tentacles of the same beast.

As I was saying back in December when I received my team's schedule for city CYC basketball, pretty soon there will be so few schools that the district will merely be an inter mural exercise.

Methodist Jim said...

While you, understandably and as is your right, focus on one cause, I'd suggest another to you as well . . . folks of all religious bents, with families of all sizes, have a tendency to move out of the City when they have children. Many couples think living in City is "fun" but would rather raise their children elsewhere. If your solution was adopted, I suspect that any resultant baby boom would impact surrounding counties far more than it would the City of St. Louis. Even if couples living in the City had more children, sooner, the bulk of them would still move before little Johnny reached age five. Until the City solves its problems, I'm afraid it is stuck in rut of decline.