12 February 2013

This Smells

Or, should I say, this stinks.
From Robert Moynihan of Inside the Vatican:

February 12, 2013, Tuesday -- Further Reflections on Pope Benedict's Decision to Resign at the End of February

Today the Vatican announced that its ability to process credit card transactions, interrupted since January 1 by a decision of the Bank of Italy, had been restored.

The renewed access to international financial networks comes one day after Pope Benedict announced that he will step down from his office as successor of Peter on February 28 at 8 p.m. in the evening.

Purchasers of tickets in the Vatican Museums had been unable to use credit cards since January 1....

Observers had estimated that the Vatican was losing about 30,000 euros per day in lost sales due to people not having enough cash with them to buy tickets, or other items, like guidebooks, or coffee-table books, on sale in the museums. From January 1 to February 11, then, a total of 42 days, the Vatican may have lost $1.26 million in sales.

Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi, S.J., said Swiss card payment specialist Aduno had been contracted to provide the service, blocked for the last six weeks.

"Credit card payments in the state of the Vatican City are working again, and so pilgrims as well as tourists who visit the church of St. Peter's every day can now use the ordinary payment service, including paying for the Vatican museums," Lombardi told reporters.


Pope Benedict has made cleaning up the Vatican's reputation for murky finances one of his priorities, introducing new rules and hiring a top Swiss financial lawyer to raise standards to international levels. This effort has been controversial and has provoked opposition to the Pope.

What happened to the last Pope who took on the bankers?


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Are you referring to John Paul I?

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