14 March 2013

24 Hours in: Trad Self-Flagellation in Full Swing

It is a Catholic Internet Phenomenon. You see it as a Catholic blogger with a traditional viewpoint. It is the go-to pitch to ingratiate yourself with non-trads. It is omnipresent.

It is this:

When the facts get in the way of intra-Catholic harmony, blame angry "rad-trads".

For an especially effective pitch, be a self-described "trad" when you do it. Thus, you become "one of the good ones".

You see, "I'm not like them. They're bitter and crazy. If I admit that the Novus Ordo can be celebrated reverently, can my kids play on your parish soccer team?"

Well, something like that. Call it the Spirit against the Spirit of Vatican II Trad. Can't we all just get along?

Some Catholics were initially pleased with the selection of Pope Francis. Some Catholics were not. Most don't know what to expect from him. Not surprising.

So, a Catholic who wants to learn about him consults published information about His Holiness and reads what is out there in order to give some background. Not surprising.

Then, based on these things, one can begin to make tentative guesses or perhaps find areas of satisfaction or concern.

That's all great and normal, unless one is a Catholic attached to the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite. For such a Catholic as this, he must go further and drop certain historical facts, corroborated by multiple sources, down Orwell's Memory Hole.

Because if he doesn't he will be non-personed, terminated, stuck at the crazy table.

It wasn't even six years ago that most Catholics would have held a fellow Catholic in scorn and derision if he maintained that the Traditional Mass had never been abrogated and that no permission was required for any priest to say it. And yet along comes Pope Benedict XVI and says that yes, that crazy trad was actually right for the last 38 years and most were wrong.

But that was ok for most "conservative" Catholics because thisPope said it.


That is what passes for the Magisterium for some: whatever thisPope says at this moment, at whatever level of formality and specificity he says it.

So, if thisPope didn't allow the Extraordinary Form to be celebrated in its un-adulterated form (and the overwhelming evidence is that he did not) in his Archdiocese after Summorum Pontificum was promulgated-- and some traditional Catholic blog points it out-- it is the blogger's fault and not the Ordinary's.

Take that trad and put him back at the crazy table. Because Summorum Pontificum was thatPope. Not thisPope. Unless thisPope says it's ok, that is.

I am rather late to the fight for Catholic Restoration. I know others who suffered the scorn and derision and uncertainty and injustice for decades. I got in at a relatively favorable time. So allow me to carry some water now.

You see, it isn't that pleasant to be put at the crazy table. Enduring smug remarks and condescension isn't that fun. So how can a crazy trad get back to the popular table? By calling other trads crazy, and becoming the "sane" one.

So it begins. I have read several self-described traditional Catholic bloggers ripping into other traditional Catholics who express anything other than glee at every aspect of His Holiness' past reign in Buenos Aires. That's it. I won't link to them because they live for the "hits" they get when they take up the cudgel. Some of them should know better, and some don't have a clue (you can always have my private opinion if you see me).

And a word about Rorate Caeli. I think it is the finest blog out there if you are a Catholic layman who seeks solid information, sober analysis, and a vision of a Church in love with Christ working for the salvation of souls. I link to it often. Condemning them for merely pointing to unpleasant facts is pretty weak.

We have one Holy Father, and one Catholic Faith. We should treat our fellows with some charity as we work out our salvation with fear and trembling.


Anonymous said...

"We have one Holy Father, and one Catholic Faith. We should treat our fellows with some charity as we work out our salvation with fear and trembling."

I agree with this 100%. We are One Holy Catholic and Apostolic.

FWIW, I also support the Extraordinary Form ;)


Ryan said...

Very nicely said, timman.

Athelstane said...

Some of the comments in Rorate's combox are...excessively heated.

But that's the blogosphere for you. Perhaps they ought to have moderated more carefully.

We are getting a sense of Pope Francis's liturgical approach. It seems to be "low church." That is regrettable, but it is what it is. Whatever his virtues, tradition in liturgy seems not to be one of them. So long as he leaves traditional societies and priests and laity to continue to rebuild tradition with the canonical protections and structures given us, let us set to work.

Anonymous said...

I just had this exact conversation with a friend on the phone a few hours ago. Thank you for articulating what many of us are feeling here. I didn't go to a young adult holy hour tonight because I knew I would be cast as the nasty critic in the corner.

I began going to TLM when I was in high school back in 1991, under Archbishop May. All through the 90s most of my conservative Catholic friends would tell me I shouldn't be going down to St Agatha's as it was, "dangerous," "abrogated," and even "a sin." I can remember all the cranky old people who used to attend that Mass with their petitions and photo copied articles of whatever latest scandal was happening (pre-internet) that they would pass around and stand outside and get into fights with people. I thought they were nuts back then. As I have gotten older I see how right they were to fight for the faith and to warn us of what we were losing. Many of them are probably dead now and I do believe they suffered a certain martyrdom, cut to death by thousands of tiny blows. May they rest in Peace. It is up to us to take up that cross and continue the struggle in our own generation. May God help us all!


Cynthia said...

Dear Timman,
I hope you remember me, I was one of the ones who may have brought you to where you are today. I agree with your thoughts and reflections. As one who was in the middle of this years ago, I think I will be again
Trad Deacon

Latinmassgirl said...

I knew when the media lauded over our Pope Francis that he may not be a pope like Benedict XVl. I remember the press didn't like him when he was elected, and of course they certainly hated Cardinal Burke when he was in St. Louis.

Miles said...

Well, when you really think about it I guess we should have seen this coming. Maybe the last vote was: one vote - cardinal Burke; one vote - cardinal ranjith; 113 votes - cardinal bergoglio. And the " you can be doctrinally conservative but liturgically liberal" dissociative disorder in the Church continues. How did this happen under Pope Benedict? I keep hearing he couldn't really clean house and appoint traditionally minded cardinals because of this great fear of schism. I've heard the same thing said many times of Blessed JP II. Really? And what about the abdication? I had hoped Pope Benedict abdicated because he felt certain this was a good time and that a like minded successor would be elected. But I guess maybe what he said was the literal reality, he just couldn't go on. I'm sad and confused. I pledge my love and prayers and obedience to the new Holy Father, but I feel like I've been sacked in the stomach.

thetimman said...

Yes, Miles, it can be easy to get discouraged sometimes, but we never really can see the plan God has. One of our hopes for heaven, should we make it, is that we might just get that overview of the plan in all its beauty, and marvel at it.

Our duty always and everywhere along the road is to do our duty-- live out our state of life as best we can in fidelity to the truth and in love with Christ.

Badger Catholic said...

Thank you, someone had to say it!

Karen said...

I don't know how I missed this one, but that was an EXCELLENT post!! Kudos!