27 March 2013

A Critique of the Bugnini Holy Week

Rather lengthy, but very informative, over at the Anglo Catholic. The author is Monsignor Léon Gromier, Papal Master of Ceremonies of Pius XII, who wrote this in 1960.

Readers may or may not realize that this was the first attempt at liturgical destruction-by-way-of-novelty by the architect of the Novus Ordo.

What I didn't know is that after John XXIII banished Bugnini to Persia he went back himself to the ancient Holy Week rituals. I guess Pope John XXIII is a cafeteria Catholic-- though following his and Pope Benedict's lead in Summorum Pontificum and the accompanying letter to bishops, I submit it is time every priest did the same.


Anonymous said...

Pope John Paul II tried to have the Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in 1982 and wrote to all the bishops. Some wrote back saying that they would be scandalized to do that. Many did not even write back to the Holy Father.He therefore stated that he was not allowed to consecrate Russia and was waiting. This is per Malachi Martin in his booklet "Catholicism Overturned".
Page 63.

There was supposedly a miracle of Fatima in 1986 shown all over on European television ---not shown in the US. Illustrates the suppression of Our Lady's news by the media.("The Tempter's Hour" page 66) Martin said he had the tape that shows the sun moving all over the sky.


Anonymous said...

That John XXIII went back to the old form is good news.I feel better(about him) that he did this.
Likewise the news we just came upon about JPII is also making me feel better about what he was up against too! Maybe this is some of the grace of Holy Week!


Athelstane said...

Point of clarification: it was Paul VI that dispatched Bugnini to Iran as papal nuncio - a polite exile, really - apparently after he received intelligence that he found convincing indicating that Bugnini was a mason.

John XXIII also relieved him of duties at one point, but never sent him to Iran.

I am reading the Anglo-Catholic article with great interest.