04 March 2013

Brief Interview with Archbishop Carlson on the Next Pope

At KSDK's site, Mike Bush has an interview with His Grace on the subject of the next Pope. Not particularly hard-hitting, but here are some excerpts for you:

St. Louis(KSDK)-[ ... ] After all, it was Pope Benedict the 16th who appointed the Minnesota native to his post in St. Louis back in 2009. He admits the Pope's resignation caught him off guard.

"I would say, it reflects for me the humility of the person that he can step back from where he was and say I can't do it anymore, " said the Archbishop.

There's been much speculation over who will be the next Pope and Archbishop Carlson mentioned Milan Cardinal Angelo Scola as a possible front runner. While he has no inside information, he does have an idea of what kind qualities he'd like to see in the next Holy Father.

"I would say first of all somebody who has great pastoral skills and then someone who can communicate them which means you have to be multilingual so that you can speak to the people of the world because everyone wants to hear in their own native language."

As to the possibility of an American, like Cardinal Timothy Dolan becoming to the next Pope, the Archbishop admits it's a long shot but..

"I find the name of Cardinal Dolan raised more often and interestingly by Italians . You know he has a personality bigger than life, he is a pastor from the word go, he speaks a lot of languages and he's very well educated."

After a series of scandals, many are wanting a change in the direction of Church leadership and Archbishop Carlson thinks the next pope will not only have to be a healer but someone who can deal with the realities of our ever changing world.

"It's the culture that the church has to address that's true since the time of Jesus. He addressed the culture."

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