20 March 2013

From St. Francis de Sales Oratory--Te Deum for Pope Francis and Holy Week Liturgy Schedule

From Canon William Avis, Pro-Rector of St. Francis de Sales Oratory, an excerpt from the Oratory newsletter:


Dear Faithful and Friends of Saint Francis de Sales Oratory,

In thankgiving for the election of His Holiness, Pope Francis, the clergy and faithful sang the Te Deum after Mass last Sunday.  The Te Deum is the great hymn of thanksgiving attributed to Saint Ambrose, a fourth century Doctor of the Church.  We offer our new Holy Father our prayers, as he begins his Petrine Ministry.  Viva il Papa!


*Confessions 30 minutes before all Masses and Devotions

"But our mother [Holy Mother Church] asks something more of us than compassion and tears; she would have us profit by the lessons we are to be taught by the Passion and Death of our Redeemer.  He Himself, when going up to Calvary, said to the holy women who had the courage to show their compassion even before His very executioners: 'Weep not over Me; but weep for yourselves and for your children.' It was not that He refused the tribute of their tears, for He was pleased with this proof of their affection; but it was desired, above all, to see them appreciate the importance of what they were witnessing, and learn from it how inexorable is God's justice against sin." --Dom Gueranger, Liturgical Year. 

March 24th - Palm Sunday - 8am Low Mass; 9:30am Blessing of Palms & Procession followed by High Mass 

March 28th - Holy Thursday – 5:30pm Confessions; 6:30pm High Mass with Procession to the Repository and Adoration until Midnight

March 29th - Good Friday – 8am Stations of the Cross and Confessions; 2pm Confessions; 3pm Liturgy of the Passion and Death of Our Lord
March 30th - Holy Saturday – 8pm Confessions; 9pm Easter Vigil followed by Blessing of the Easter food (Bread, Eggs)

March 31st – Easter Sunday – 8am Low Mass; 10am High Mass

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TradDadof4 said...

Sorry .. I just can't "get psyched up" for a Te Deum for a Pope who was set to push civil unions for gays until the clear-thinking Bishops of his country beat him down.