29 March 2013

Good Friday


Long-Skirts said...

Where's the Corpus??!!!


And the Word was made Flesh
But does that really mesh
With authentic faith and dialogue today?

‘Cause at Eucharistic meal
Which is no big, bloody, deal
We smile and our mistakes are washed away.

We gather round the table
To hear a gospel fable
From Father Bob, the celebrant divine.

Never kneels he always stands
But he runs to shake your hands
Then he sits a lot, perhaps a weakened spine.

The ladies and the girls
Their ministry unfurls
A Eucharistic minister’s sensation.

With servers and the cantor
They have a playful banter
Then bread and wine it’s time for celebration.

As the people we all sing
But the bells they never ring
For they took away the Words that made His Flesh…

For a Corpus? That’s too rough
There’s no need for violent stuff
That’s as welcomed as a Brit in Bangladesh!

Athelstane said...

Something odd about this photo. Hmmm...

In what parish was it taken, by the way, Timman?