22 March 2013

He's Got the Whole World in His Palms

In a post from yesteryear, my life partner, Sharon, the effervescent one, related an event of typical foolishness at our territorial parish called "Mass in the Grass". Her take: "The only way I'd go is if I had smoked it." Instant classic.

Today, déjà vu. This afternoon on the parish bijou sign Sharon learned of the latest atrocity: an "Ecumenical Palm Blessing" taking place on Saturday in the park across the street.

After telling me about it, to my gallows amusement, Sharon quipped, "I guess it's like 'Half-Mass in the Grass.' ...Actually it reminds me of something that rhymes with half-Mass."

That's my girl!


Marc said...

Ahhh...the required Lenten "feeeeeeel goooooood" event!

Bsdouglass said...

My territorial parish is St. Joan of Arc, as we're just a tad north to have the honor of Mass in the Grass... but I saw this too. It's to be held today, as well. Why on Earth is a CATHOLIC parish promoting this? Who is going to be blessing or simulating blessing the palms? Have you heard?

Wonder if the Greeks are involved? I would hope not.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with an ecumenical palm blessing?
What is wrong with celebrating mass outside?


Phil said...

Maybe this is something our new Holy Father is promoting?

Bsdouglass said...

Well, if one of the Catholic priests isn't blessing the palms (since I see the Greeks aren't involved)...then nothing is blessed and you have a bunch of people simulating blessings. That is pretty sacrilegious.

Anonymous said...

"Mass in the Grass" gives new meaning to "Splendor in the Grass."

Athelstane said...

All of which is why Catholics in St. Louis are very fortunate to have the oratories of St. Francis de Sales and Augustine & Gregory.

Your wife is a wise and perceptive woman, Timman.