28 March 2013

Holy Thursday


dmw said...

I am not amused as I listen to the live audio feed (there is no video) of Pope Francis at the Carcere minorile di Casal del Marmo. It is a guitar Mass. They are already in prison; why subject them to more punishment?

Bsdouglass said...

Was it the Tennessee Three?

Christophe said...

Looks like she put on her best jeans.


Anonymous said...

I guess some traditionalists will think the Holy Ghost wants this. Give up again thousands of years of tradition. Will I be dead when tradition returns to the papacy in Rome?. I'm all for Pope Francis wanting to reach out to the poor and needy, but don't throw away that which is sacred to many.

Anonymous said...

The press is reporting that among the young offenders whose feet the Pope washed were two girls and two Muslims. One of the girls was a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the residents chose the guitar mass.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we should consider these words by Pope Francis:


Pope Francis said, "Jesus did not say: 'You are a thief.’”. Instead “he was patient with Judas, trying to draw him closer through patience, his love. During Holy Week, we would do well to think of the patience of God, the patience that God has with each one of us, with our weaknesses, our sins. "
"The patience of God is a mystery!", Pope Francis said. "How much patience he has with us! We do so many things, but He is patient”


Anonymous said...

Pope: Homily for Chrism Mass [full text]


Jane B.

Long-Skirts said...


Maundy, misty, night
Gray shadows 'fore the white.

In silence stripped to wood
Bared-hard for fifth day, Good.

Then blackest as dawn breaks
Bursts Light and Limbo wakes.

Where militant, suffering bound
Reached Church triumphant's ground.

David's line...Abraham, Sarah
Coeli et...Domini est terra!

Anonymous said...

To Christophe:

According to a news report, the jeans are prison issued. Perhaps there is no choice to be made by the inmates.

Mark C.

Peggy R said...

Christophe & Mark,

This is obviously a middle-aged woman, clearly in a Church. Not a mediterranean (?) teen girl.

Blessed Easter to all.

Anonymous said...

TO Peggy R:
Reviewing the photo and wondering if it is a photo of the prison where the Pope washed the young peoples' feet.

It appears to be a photo taken elsewhere, possibly with a cell phone.

Notice also that two people are washing two women's feet and there are children in the background.

Also no commentary nor any specific identification accompanied this post by thetimman.

The only identification is the URL for the photo. See the URL below.

Mark C.

Anonymous said...

Peggy R, could be she is. This picture was taken in some church by a cell phone. It's a blogpress app.

Molly P.