27 March 2013

Meatless Friday Spy Wednesday: The Truth Hurts Edition

I interrupt your Holy Week meditations to post this article by Pat Buchanan called "Who Killed the New Majority?"  Pat was a Nixon man from way back, so he might be excused his romanticism over the guy, whom he calls the architect of what was then a "new" GOP majority in 1968 and onwards.

The article is interesting in and of itself, and you can read it here.  Go ahead, do it.  Then come back.

Back already?  OK.  The reason for this post is that I was struck by one of the comments, which I think shows a very good deal of insightful analysis on the death of any semblance of decent government in this country, or even of decent society.  The GOP helped the Left murder our unborn, and they are not here to help us now:

The Republican Party murdered itself when it nominated Barry Goldwater in 1964. He became the first candidate for President ever to propose legalized abortion. He also was a huge supporter of Unplanned Parenthood. He was a warmonger, who the Democrats could portray as a lunatic. Thus he lost the election in a landslide. With his huge majorities in Congress, Johnson pushed through many terrible ideas, that had been stopped by the coalition of conservative Republicans and conservative southern Democrats. 

The guy he beat for the nomination, Rockefeller, was even worse then Goldwater on abortion, Unplanned Parenthood, and war. 

When Nixon won in 1968, he too, was an undeclared supporter of abortion. Roe V. Wade came down in 1973 on his watch. It was put on the books by a majority that included 5 Republican appointees. 

Before that Reagan had signed a much expanded abortion law in California and Rockefeller then topped him in New York. Reagan changed the party's stance on abortion and with that got the Reagan Democrats. Although the Republicans could have turned the issue of abortion back to the states several times, since 1980, by using Article 3 Section 2 of the Constitution to take away the jurisdiction of the Federal Courts, over the issue of abortion, nothing was done. 60 million aborted babies have been replaced by 60 million mostly 3rd world immigrants. 

I voted for all these bums from Goldwater to Romney. Shame on me.

Shame on us all.  I now send you back to your Holy Week meditations.  A blessed Triduum to everyone.


Fr. Andrew said...

Makes total sense. Makes me totally despair of politics. Makes me start humming "Crazy Train." Off to confessions...

Anonymous said...

Where did the italicized commentary come from? It isn't in Pat's article.

Helpful said...

I saw the italicized part in the comments section of the original article. I believe his name was John1943.

Anonymous said...

No surprise here whatsoever.
Republicans will keep dragging out the dead horse year after year to get the anti-abortion vote, but do nothing about it. Where was the outrage 6 years ago, when the Republicans held the White House, majorities in the Senate and Congress, and 9 of the 11 last Supreme Court Justices had been appointed by Republicans? Roe V Wade still stands, of course, but we got a totally immoral, unjust invasion into Iraq and a massive redistribution of wealth to the upper 1%.

The ONLY "virtues" the Republicans continue to hold closest to their heart are guns and tax cuts for the uber-rich. So sad - the ONLY vote that ALL Republicans will be united for is to slash the government's aid to the poor and disenfranchised of society to satiate the massive expansion of the upper 1%'s pockets. All else is relativism.

This article is disengenious - and the one line should read "The GOP murders our unborn." As this article points out - they've had their chances, but refused to make a stand. "Tax cuts" - now we're talking "real Republican values."

Cynically sad.