22 March 2013

Our Sorrowful Mother, Co-Redemptrix

The Friday after Passion Sunday is traditionally set aside to commemorate Our Lady of Sorrows, particularly her deathless martyrdom beneath the cross and in her entire and fruitful participation in the passion of her Son.

I will have a couple of posts today that I would like to offer without contention and in complete reliance upon Our Lady's motherhood of all Christians.  So, following this post, don't jump to conclusions by the next two that follow.

Today's Epistle (Judith 13:22, 23-25):

The Lord hath blessed thee by His power, because by thee He hath brought our enemies to nought.  Blessed art thou, O daughter, by the Lord the most high God, above all women upon the earth.  Blessed be the Lord Who made heaven and earth, because He hath so magnified thy name this day, that thy praise shall not depart out of the mouth of men, who shall be mindful of the power of the Lord for ever; for that thou hast not spared thy life by reason of the distress and tribulation of thy people, but hast prevented our ruin in the presence of our God. 

The Gospel of today recounts Our Lord, from the cross, entrusting Mary to the beloved disciple, and the disciple to Mary.  Every Christian is called to do the same, and to take Mary unto our own.  Behold our Mother-- and Mother, behold your sons.

Let us all pray to Our blessed Mother during this Passiontide of the Church.  

Today's Collect:

 O God, in Whose Passion, according to the prophecy of Simeon, the sword of sorrow did pierce the most sweet soul of the glorious Mary, Virgin and Mother; mercifully grant that we who call to mind with veneration her anguish and suffering, may obtain the blessed fruit of Thy Passion through the glorious merits and prayers of all the Saints who have faithfully stood by the cross interceding for us: Who livest and reignest with God the Father in the unity of the Holy Ghost, God, world without end. Amen.


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