04 March 2013

"Whoever the new pope, speak strongly on climate change"

Awesome headline above taken verbatim from the so-called National Catholic Reporter.  Of course I didn't read it.  

I agree, by the way, that the new Pope should speak strongly on climate change.  What he should say about it may not be printed here.  Suffice to say that he should give it all the credibility it deserves.

Nice of the NCR to provide some comic relief in these troubled times.

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Long-Skirts said...


Save the planet
Save the whale
Save the cans
Don't inhale.

Save the changes
Save your screen
Blend the genders
Pukish green.

Save the documents
Save the file
Save yourself
For fashion style.

Save the animals
Fur and skin
But save your soul...
Now that's a SIN!