20 March 2013

Worth Remembering

Finally, we must conclude by saying that we ought never to reject God's word or the teachings Our Lord has left us because of the faults of preachers who propose them. Since our Divine Master pronounced them first with His divine mouth, we are inexcusable if we do not receive them. Even though this precious balm may be presented to us in earthen vessels, the preachers, it is nonetheless infinitely powerful to cure our wounds. It loses nothing at all of its properties and its strength because of those earthen vessels. Nor is it excusable to doubt its truth, inasmuch as Jesus Christ, who is Truth Itself, has taught us Himself and made Himself our dear Teacher. Nor must we place ourselves in danger of being lost by not persevering in the truth, that is, in not living according to it and in not making ourselves capable of understanding it well when it is proposed or explained to us in God's Name. We ought, on the contrary, to prepare ourselves well to hear it profitably. This is an excellent means of understanding it well. Understanding it well will greatly help us to keep it well. They who keep it are declared blessed in the Holy Gospel by our Lord and Savior. [Lk. 11:28]. 


-- from St. Francis de Sales, Sermon for Passion Sunday, 1622

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