29 April 2013

Colombia Senate Overwhelmingly Rejects 'Gay Marriage'

Story at Lifesite News. A few quick quotes:

The defeat followed days of growing protests outside of the Senate building, with demonstrators chanting "I won't shut up, I won't shut up, marriage is between a man and a woman!"

"The bill sank because it is not of general interest. Heterosexual marriage is of public interest because it has to do with procreation and the conservation of the race," said legislator Diario Salazar, who opposed the bill.

Senator Roberto Gerlein rejoiced in the vote, and denounced homosexual acts as "disgusting," "excremental," and "scatological."

"It's empty sex, incapable of generating life, a form of sex that is practiced as if it were for recreational purposes," he noted. "It's bad for the country, for the Congress, for women and for everyone. This bill isn't good for anyone.

Strange days, when those kinds of observations from lawmakers are controversial and, indeed, rare.

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Long-Skirts said...

“It has been left to the very latest Modernists to proclaim an erotic religion which at once exalts lust and forbids fertility.” Chesterton, (G.K.’s Weekly, Nov. 1933)