08 April 2013

"Every single day, a litmus test."

Exactly right.  

This article, which is of a piece with my previous post on traditional Catholics and the notion of putting us back at the crazy table, notes that it sure does seem like anyone in love with the traditional expressions of the faith is put to a daily public happiness requirement--or else the crazy table beckons.

Just an excerpt here, but read the whole piece.  This excerpt begins with words of Pope Benedict XVI in his letter accompanying the lifting of the excommunications of the SSPX bishops, and is followed by Rorate Caeli commentary:

And should we not admit that some unpleasant things have also emerged in Church circles? At times one gets the impression that our society needs to have at least one group to which no tolerance may be shown; which one can easily attack and hate. And should someone dare to approach them – in this case the Pope – he too loses any right to tolerance; he too can be treated hatefully, without misgiving or restraint.

We are glad to be on the same boat as the hated and despised Pope Emeritus, "without misgiving or restraint", who is more humiliated and ridiculed now than ever. It is tiresome for Traditional Catholics to be the ones who must every single day proclaim publicly they respect the Pope, pray for the Pope, pray for the Bishops, accept every single item of every single thing. Every single day, a litmus test. We do not deny anything, but must always proclaim publicly that we accept everything, even things that are not even part of any creed, but we must, to have "acceptance": please, please, do not send us to the corner!... Catholicism demands from us to denude ourselves from all ideologies - but it seems some with highly ideological pasts and agendas ... have a hard time grasping that these ideological tests are not for us, that for Catholics the "test" to pass is a good confession, in the hands of a merciful God by way of the Priesthood of the New Testament, hoping and praying for final perseverance. We do not want to be "liked" or "accepted" or "deemed acceptable" or respectable by [Dawn] Eden, but only by Our Lord in the Confessional and in particular judgment when time comes.

Enough is enough.  Fish or cut bait.


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Anonymous said...

Yep, here we go again. From 1992-2000 I had priests and conservative lay people tell me that it was a sin to go to TLM at St Agatha. That the pope (JPII) only allowed it as a concession for older people who could not make the transition into the new Mass. I new it was an outrageous assertion then and here we go again. The SSPX is looking better and better each and every day.


thetimman said...

I would say that sspx confessions, confirmations and marriages are not valid without necessary jurisdiction, so consult with your spiritual director before you leap.

And I don't want to discuss supplied or emergency jurisdiction here-- I just thought in conscience I had to respond to the prior post.

Anonymous said...

I truly do appreciate the concern and wrestle with those same issues. Care of the soul is what it is all about in the end.

I do want to add that in 2000 I relocated to Chicago where I attended Mass at St John Cantius. I was again told by priests and lay people that attending that Mass was putting myself outside the Church. In the Spring of 2002, I read about the reissuing of a missal and stopped by the Daughters of St Paul book store on Michigan Ave in Chicago to see if they carried it. When I explained what I was looking for, the 2 sisters manning the shop, called me a schismatic and ordered me out of the shop shouting, "We don't sell things to schismatics!" When I explained the indult to them and that St John Cantius was very much under the charge of Cardinal George and that Bishop Perry himself had celebrated the Easter Vigil Mass in the Tridintine form only 2 weeks before, they held their ground that it was outside the norm of the Church and therefore a rebellious, schismatic act.

Then came Summorum Pontificum and everything changed. Everyone got onboard, all the young priests started saying TLM, etc...etc...and now we are heading back to square one with all of this, so it seems.

I currently live in a small Midwestern city where we have 3 weekly TLMs, but very little pastoral care. We presented a petition of 112 adult signatures (not mentioning the numerous children and those afraid to sign) to the bishop, requesting he bring in the FSSP. He has refused the request and the conservative NO community has been outraged that we have been so "divisive" in requesting a religious order to give us the pastoral care we require and full traditional calendar in the EF.

I realize the situation in St Louis was certainly more pleasant under Cardinal Burke, but you must be thankful that you have the options you have in St Louis, so many of us are still out in the cold even 6 years after the Motu Proprio.