06 April 2013

I'm speechless. I am without speech.

Catholic Gonzaga University won’t allow Catholic students to form Catholic group

Roman Catholic, Jesuit-affiliated Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington has refused to recognize the Knights of Columbus as an official student group because — wait for it — the Knights of Columbus is a Catholic organization.

Gonzaga administrators notified the students who had sought the school’s official seal of approval last month, reports The Cardinal Newman Society’s Catholic Education Daily.

“The Knights of Columbus, by their very nature, is a men’s organization in which only Catholics may participate via membership,” reads a letter written by Sue Weitz, vice president for student life. “These criteria are inconsistent with the policy and practice of student organization recognition at Gonzaga University.”

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Fr. Andrew said...

At an Easter party last night, someone brought up that- for some reason- the Jesuits still require you to be Catholic before you join them. How inconsistent is that?


Woodlawn said...


Jane Chantal said...

Another Catholic college goes careening off the rails.

Anonymous said...

I am a Religious Order priest and I promise all readers of this blog that to the degree that we have dared to do so, for forty years now we have been urging the Jesuits and the LCWR Sisters to start acting like Catholics again, to no avail, as this story demonstrates. Of course, St. Louisans, the neighbors of Father Biondi, have not needed further evidence for many years now that the Jesuits have strayed, PROBABLY but not certainly beyond redemption. My point here is to say that we religious and we clergy can no longer do anything about these aberrations and offenses against Holy Mother Church. It is simply impossible for us to do any more than we have. The laity must take up this cause - perhaps using this particular sad story as your banner - knowing that you are one your own, but that it is up to you! Do whatever you can; I (we) give up! "Father Disgusted and Near Retirement Anyway)