19 April 2013

Not Exactly Prophetic, but Pretty Good Insight for 22 Years Ago

There is this funny principle which is really the great death wish.  It is a demonic energy on which the world is now running.  "Limit the population because if you do, then you will have fewer expenses and you can direct people much more easily and have them under your control.  ...Besides, we don't want an increase in the population of people who could oppose the system which we want to use." That is the thinking behind the principle of limiting the population.  

The organizers of our system know that they can't implement their agenda unless they start with a child in school.  Therefore, they abhor any education that is not under their control.  The education system in the United States and Canada is totally secular.  The mind of Satan is the original source of the idea of the new world order.  It is satanic in its ultimate inspiration because it is a world order without God.

Satan's new world order is ultimately a way of destroying the presence of the Trinity.  The human family is supposed to replicate the family of God: God the Father, God the Son, and the love of the Holy Ghost between them.  That is the heavenly image, according to which the family on earth should be built.  Husband and wife have between them a covenant with God, within which they produce children according to the laws of God. Christianity taught men to create and rear families in imitation of the divine order.  The Trinity was perpetuated on earth by grace, doctrine, Our Lord, Our Lady, and the entire gamut of Christian revelation.  Today, that is being liquidated.  If you can secularize education and thus rid the children of any religious meaning in their lives, make divorce very easy, and allow homosexual marriages so that marriage between a man and a woman is just an alternative, then you proceed to destroy the idea of marriage.  That means that the Trinity as a working unit within the human race is disappearing. The Trinity is not in people's hearts.  It is not in their lives and their married lives.  

The ultimate idea of Satan is to bring the human race to the point of being a flat level society of equals, all equal in their misery and without the Trinity.  That explains why the new world order doesn't want Christian education and Christian marriage.  That explains why it will foster the homosexual  way of life as an alternative lifestyle and give homosexuals rights in every possible way.  We will have lesbian parents.  We will allow fetal experimentation.  Can you imagine the pathos of thirty embryos lying in a refrigerator in a Maryland laboratory?  Those embryos are all human souls who are imprisoned alive and kept there.  Think of the joy that gives Satan!  Those souls can't be touched by baptism.  They can be destroyed at the twist of a scalpel if they don't succeed in some experiment.  Think of the desecration for us Catholics!  This is the destruction of the human family as Christ originally planned it.  Therefore, the presence of the Trinity on earth is being wiped out and Satan is having his victory over Jesus.  He is nullifying Calvary.  He is wiping out salvation, producing a list of people who can't go to heaven.

-- Fr. Malachi Martin, 1991


Anonymous said...

Ghastly,..., all being sold to humanity as working toward "paradise on earth".
Ahhhh, happiness and love,---we were NOT promised those after Adam's fall- we were promised suffering.

There will never be paradise on earth, NOT even if all vehicle operators on our planet used COEXIST bumper stickers!


pachri7 said...

OMG!And are we on the road to totalitarianism? The culmination of the 5th Regime of Plato's Republic?

Reagan too: <In a 1961speech, “Ronald Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine”.