30 May 2013

Corpus Christi


Athelstane said...

Not even a past-its-prime urban neighborhood like that long Gravois can fail to be ennobled by a beautiful procession, Timman. Touching to see the girls in their best whites. I'm sorry I could not be there in person for it.

But things are not so bad in Washington, DC, where we have the pleasant bonanza of five (5) solemn high TLM Corpus Christi Masses to choose from today - not Sunday, but today. For the first time on this feast, I actually have had to give some thought as to which one to attend, rather than take whatever one Mass is available. Things are steadily improving in many locales, even despite hostile or indifferent ordinaries.

Long-Skirts said...


"...there is no such thing as ordinary wine, not since God chose wine to be His blood." (Myles Connolly)

Turned from wine
Blood of Christ
As He made water
Wine high-priced.

Turned from bread
Flesh of Christ
Multiplied loaves
Bread more than thriced.

Turned from man
Priest of Christ
Died but lives
Man spiritually-spliced.

Blood, Flesh
Man, Priest...
My Body daily
Sacrificial Feast!

Marta Cuatto said...

Hello, my husband and I along with a very large family (14 in all) are travelling this Saturday from Louisville, KY to visit the oratory for the external solemnity of Corpus Christi and to make a pilgrimage of sorts to St. Louis. Other than the beautiful Cathedral Basilica, can you recommend some other places we might consider visiting?

I would appreciate any insights.

Sub cruce cum Maria,

Marta C.

Jane Chantal said...


May I suggest a visit to Holy Family Parish's Log Church in Cahokia, IL, directly across the river from St. Louis? (Once you cross the river via the Poplar Street bridge, just keep going for about a mile and a half and you're there.) The extensively-restored structure dates from 1799; it replaced the original church which dated from 1699. Between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day, there are tours between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m. daily except Sunday when tours begin at 11 a.m.).

Holy Family in Cahokia is the oldest continuously-operating Catholic parish in the United States, and is blessed to have the assistance of priests from the Oratory who come to the Log Church to celebrate the Latin Mass there Sundays at 9 a.m.

I'd also like to recommend beautiful St. Meinrad's Archabbey in St. Meinrad in soutern Indiana, which might not be much out of your way as you travel to or from home. Their website has lots of info including map & directions:


Have a wonderful trip!

Jane Chantal said...

A P.S. to Marta about finding Cahokia: as you're leaving St. Louis getting onto the Poplar Street Bridge going toward Illinois, you'll need to be in the far right-hand lane so that you can take the IL Hwy 3 exit (which is signed overhead although not prominently).

Anonymous said...

@Marta, here are a couple of suggestions:

The Shrine of Saint Joseph (http://www.shrineofstjoseph.org/contact.html)

The Black Madonna Shrine & Grottos

God bless,

Anonymous said...

You people can't do better than sending some one all the way to St. Meinrad's when they ask for pilgrimage recommendations for CATHOLIC Saint Louis? Try this list just for starters: The Pink Sisters' Adoration Chapel; the Shrine of Saint Joseph; the Shrine of St. Rose Philippine Duchesne; the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows; the historic Basilica underneath the Arch; St. Louis Benedictine Abbey; the Carmel in Ladue... Fr.M.