22 May 2013

KMOV Cans Larry Conners!

Un. believable.

Hilariously-broken irony meter alert: a quote from the KMOV head stooge:

"The current IRS controversy is of serious importance for journalists to report," [general manager Mark] Pimentel said. "And it becomes very difficult for us to produce a newscast where you have someone (reporting IRS-related news) who could at least seem to be biased."




Jeanne Holler said...

Yep ...he spoke out and that is it ...No more Larry Connors ,
unbelieveable is right !

Anonymous said...

Yep. Never publicly question the rebuilding of the
Tower of Babel. Sad news.


Anonymous said...

Isn't the point of the news station sponsoring the facebook page's of anchors/reporters done so that said individuals can share their opinion? Larry's going to take KMOV to the cleaners with his upcoming lawsuit. Although he could probably do another tasing expose and do just as well.