14 May 2013

Meatless Friday Tuesday, News Round-Up Edition

A few notes from the week that is...

1. Can someone tell me why the new trend of 'preventative' mastectomies? Is this a prudent course of action or just mutilation? And I ask that question without an answer in mind. I wonder if any moral theologian with a blog might weigh in here.

2. Tough times for Schnucks these days, financial and familial.

3. Il Duce is having a bad week, too. Now that he is safely foisted on the country for a second four-year period of destruction, the 'free' press has decided to think about maybe reporting some of the stuff he's done-- gently, so as not to offend.

4. Though not news, Dan Brown is an idiot. And yet brilliant. Unfortunately his brilliance comes from banking on the idiocy of his readers. His new book is ostensibly about the cool secrets hidden in Dante's Inferno about the evils of-- wait for it.... Overpopulation. Yes, you read that right, overpopulation. Though the rapid depopulation of whole nations, and the impending depopulation of the globe, are well-documented and breaking through the tired Population Bomb template at last, Brown wants us to do something to stop non-existent overpopulation:

Brown does briefly take on the Vatican in "Inferno" for its "meddling in reproductive issues" and he praises Melinda Gates, "a devout Catholic herself," for raising hundreds of millions of dollars to improve access to birth control.

But instead of reviewing church history, Brown has spent the past few years studying the future. He has immersed himself in transhumanism, which advocates the use of technology to alter the mind and body, and has his characters debate the morality of genetics. ... Overpopulation, Brown says, is an issue so profound that all of us need to ask what should be done. The author himself has not decided.

A real piece of work.

5. Finally, who knows? We may be able to stop invading other countries to spread freedom and democracy so we don't have to fight them over here distract people from the bad economy to secure our oil supply prevent the spread of WMDs.

One can hope.


Fr. Andrew said...

Great article about Dan Brown from the Telegraph out of London. I heartily laughed. The content and style are "meatless" worthy.


Cathy D said...

About the mastectomies, yes it is a very prudent course of action in some cases. A friend from my parish had this done. Her sister died after a battle with breast cancer, leaving behind 3 young children. My friend tested positive for the same gene. She and a third sister had the surgery.

I think it is strongly encouraged for certain types of aggressive breast cancers, such as this one.

long pants said...

"...or just mutiliation?" Pretty insensitive and misogynistic.

thetimman said...

Long Pants, you sure are omniscient, aren't you? Give me a break.

thetimman said...

Pretty funny article, Fr. A!

StGuyFawkes said...

Dear Tim et aliae et alios,

My wife had breast cancer and my sister fought breast cancer with a mastectomy. Our oncologist once said of the double mastectomy option: "You can't get breast cancer if you have no breasts." The genetic makeup Mrs. Pitt has to consider frequently results in a recommendation of the double mastectomy protcol.

I'll say this for Mrs. Pitt, if she wishes to continue adopting worldwide it would behoove her to make sure she's around to raise those children.

St. Guy

Karen said...

My daughter-in-law, who is in her late 20's with two children ages 2 and 5, is undergoing a bilateral mastectomy with reconstruction and complete hysterectomy this summer. She has the BRCA2 gene and several older family members have succumbed to breast cancer.

It all sounds horrific when she describes the procedure to me, but if it gives her a chance to live a long life and raise her children, I can't argue with her decision. If I was in her shoes, the faces of my children would be all I needed to say yes to such torture.

I have done some research on this topic since she has found she has the gene, and even if a person goes through all of this, the cancer may already be growing in them and has not shown itself yet, so it's possible that they may still have this dreaded disease. However, with two children at risk, I think that this procedure is worth a try. Can anyone say otherwise?

TradDadof4 said...

The esteemed expert in all things women, Jerry Berger, has inveighed against thetinman here: http://bergersbeat.com/st-louis-browns-shaun-hayes-problems-k-c-st-louis-museums/