08 May 2013

Mother of Our Creator

"Mater Dei, Mater Creatoris," Mother of God, Mother of Our Creator, we invoke her in the litany.  These two titles which seem to be contradictory, actually express a unique synthesis because Mary, although a creature, is really the Mother of Her Creator, the Mother of God's Son to whom she has given a human body: the fruit of her flesh and blood is the Son of God in whom and by whom all things were created.  Here we understand more than ever how Mary's dignity reaches the threshold of the infinite.  "God could make a bigger world or a wider sky, but He could not raise a pure creature higher than Mary, for the dignity of the Mother of God is the highest dignity that can be conferred on a creature" (St. Bonaventure).

To anyone who wonders why so little is said about Mary in the Gospel, St. Thomas of Villanova replies: "What more do you want?  Is it not enough for you to know that she is the Mother of God?  It would have been sufficient to say, 'De qua natus est Jesus,' Jesus was born of her."  In fact, O Mary, all I need to know, in order to love you, is that you are the Mother of my God.

--from Divine Intimacy, by Fr. Gabriel of St. Mary Magdalen, O.C.D.

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