22 May 2013

Saint Louis Catholic Gets Berger Bitten

If you are a St. Louisan of a certain age (and I don't mean young), you will be familiar with the gossip columnist Jerry Berger.  He used to write for the Post-Dispatch, and appear semi-regularly on the local news.  He would write pithy bites about locals who do and or did stuff.

It seems that these days he is relegated to blogdom like me.  Whether that is a compliment to me or a negative for him I will leave for you to decide.

Reader TradDadof4 was kind enough to point out that Berger mentioned my post questioning the practice of removing not-yet-cancerous breasts in his blog the other day.  He doesn't really comment on it more than I did, but I suppose the way he mentions it is a type of "check out this loser who hates women" thing.

Cool by me, and he just may have found it interesting.

But the reason I mention it here is that among the comments at his post is one supremely idiotic rant from some anti-Catholic, and particularly anti-clerical, clover.  People really do hate us.  So, if you are one of those naifs who think their "nice" neighbors will stand up for them when they come to haul them off to camps, I say guess again.  

Silence at best, cheers and a pay-off more likely.  The founder of the Catholic Church was perfect and only had three people to condole him when he was killed.  Don't expect better.

Have a great day, everybody!

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