26 June 2013

Cardinal Dolan, Catholic Bishops Blast Gay Marriage Ruling

I'm shocked, shocked to find that gambling is going on in here!


Elizabeth said...

I'm guessing this letter was written by Archbishop Cordileone and signed off on by Dolan.

Scott Woltze said...

You said it best--and with only one sentence!

thetimman said...

Just to make clear the farce we are faced with:

1. Roe decided by Nixon appointee Harry Blackmun

2. Obamacare upheld by Bush appointee John Roberts

3. Sodomy laws and DOMA struck down by Reagan appointee Anthony Kennedy.

But, then again, majority of justices of all these decisions were democrat appointees.

My point: effectively, one party. The leviathan party.

Anonymous said...

I am so grateful and encouraged by our bishops' standing up for the Faith and Freedom. What courage they've shown.


Unknown said...

SAD DAY for America: God will not be mocked and HIS WAYS will be.
We are called to live for God Alone and to uphold His TRUTH at all times.
Marriage is a Sacrament instituted by God and to be upheld in the beauty of one man and one woman anything other than God's way is false and not the TRUTH!

Anonymous said...

I should give sincere praise to Card. George for speaking out continually on homosexual agenda. He's taken much heat in Chicago media and in National UnCatholic Reporter for this apparent obsession of his.

He calls it "genderless marriage" and he refers to same-sex "arrangements." I like his vocab.

Elizabeth R said...

Cardinal Dolan is still praising Obama, though on other issues, at least. I wouldn't look to him for leadership.