29 June 2013

Great News on the Contraception Mandate Front-- That Is, until the Supreme Court Gets It

10th Circuit US Court of Appeals allows Hobby Lobby's lawsuit to continue, and the District Court enjoins the HHS from enforcing the mandate against it in the meantime.

Great new for private business owners with religious objections.

My prediction at the Supreme Court? 5-4 to enforce the mandate, leading to another round of "We just need one more vote so vote Republican" pablum.

I'm a bit cynical, as you may have noticed.


Anonymous said...

I share your pessimism about what will happen at SCOTUS with these cases.

If only said...

The sex rights case that started it all was Griswold v. CT, which said states can't ban contraception. So with Hobby Lobby, we're going back to the beginning. Griswold, Roe, Casey, Windsor, etc. will all fall like dominos.

Anonymous said...

You're right, Timman.
The court that gave pro-abortionists their victory in Roe v Wade was certainly packed: 7 of the 9 Supreme Court Justices had been appointed by Republicans.