10 June 2013

Submit Prayer Intentions for the Institute's Monthly Novena to theInfant King

From the ICRSS Shrine of Christ the King in Chicago:

Monthly novena to the Infant King

Our meditation for June is the virtue of generosity in the Sacred Heart of Our Infant King. 

All intentions submitted by/on June 14 will be included in this month's novena offered by the Institute priests and a special Mass on June 25th.   http://infantkingoffering.org/ 

We truly do appreciate ALL your help, as all the donations we receive through the candles and flowers donated, go towards the restoration of the Shrine of Christ the King in Chicago - building a home for our Infant King. 


treefallinginthewoods said...

Is a blogger still a blogger if he no longer blogs?

thetimman said...

If he's a blogger on vacation, yes. Check back next week. :-)