26 July 2013

Ask the Blogger

It's time again to clear out the ol' mailbox.  It really clogs up after a while. Thanks to all who wrote for all the great questions:

Dear Blogger,

Why is Francis considered so humble, when his humility is the fodder for constant fawning publicity?  Why is it that all I hear about is his humility?  What gives?  Did shoes, suitcases, apartments, and cars suddenly acquire human characteristics?
-- Said a Pay Contest

Dear Said,

At first, I was mystified as you are.  But his trip to Brasil has made it all clear. Mary is the model of humility-- and the pope was seen driving around in her Fiat.

-- thetimman 

Dear Blogger,

I recently read that Pope Francis said we need to eliminate the 'mundane' from the Church.  What does he possibly mean by that?

-- Comfortably Numb

Dear Comfortably Numb,

I think he is preparing a motu proprio suppressing the novus ordo.  I can think of no other explanation.


Dear Blogger,

Did I just see that you posted a photo of what you had to eat?  Has it really come to this?

--Remembering Past Glories

Dear Remembering,

Yes. Yes it has.

-- thetimman

Dear Tin Man,

Why the silence on brother Francis' call to end clericalism?  Hmmm?  Cat got your tongue?  

--Short Pants

P.S. I just love this Pope so much!  It makes me almost want to comply with a Papal edict.  Almost, that is.  Well, maybe if he wrote a nice letter on recycled paper suggesting something-- not demanding it out of obedience, but really just as a recommendation from the central committee to displaced persons of color and ambiguous sexuality.  Then, OK.  I can validate that.  Wait, I'm rambling-- JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION!

Dear Short Pants,

As clericalism is defined as the undue influence of the clergy in matters of politics, and since he is trying to influence political leaders in lots of countries on several matters of politics, principally in economic matters, I would say that quote was a typo, mistranslation or taken out of context.

If, on the other hand, he means clergy who think they know everything and foist poor religion on the hapless flock, then I think he is referring to his upcoming motu proprio suppressing the novus ordo (see above).  I can think of no other explanation.


Dear Blogger,

I saw you recently posted a link to the blog of the St. Louis Review.  Their masthead photo looks a lot like your trial masthead for the proposed Wordpress site you floated just before then.  Cool.  I wonder though, why did they use such a hard-to-pronounce name for their blog?

-- Observant

Dear Observant,

Because Saint Louis Catholic was taken.


Dear Blogger,

I find you insufferable.  You think you are the most Catholic Catholic around.  You sicken me.  Whenever I read your vanity blog a part of me dies. I want to punch your fat, pimply face.

-- A Faithful Reader

Dear Faithful,

Is there a question in there?


P.S. Thanks for reading!

Dear Blogger,

I hear all you trads are massive doomsday preppers.  Where is the best place to ride out the Apocalypse?  And how many gallons of water will I need?


Dear Practical,

First of all, you heard wrong.  Most trads I know live in urban centers with 1.2 children, toy dogs, a multi-media room, a subscription to The New Yorker, and no worries.  As for where to ride out the Apocalypse, I suppose the best plan is to die in a state of grace before it gets here.  If not, you'll need more water than you can imagine.


Dear Blogger,

My daughter's high school is stuck, and can't come up with a theme for their senior prom.  Any suggestions?

--Burrowing for Ideas

Dear Burrowing,

How about this one:  A Night in Hell



BCFM said...

This was your best post in months, and no comments! What!

thetimman said...

You have a keen insight on blogging. If you think you're post is any good, you can bank on zero comments.

But a bare shoulder pic...