31 July 2013

BREAKING: Pope Francis Appoints Special Administrator for the Jesuits; Priests Are Ordered to Strictly Adhere to the Rubrics of the Ordinary Form and to Have Regular Recourse to Extraordinary Form

In a strongly worded decree from the Congregation for Religious (like the Decree concerning the Franciscans of the Immaculate, approved in forma specifica by His Holiness), the Jesuits have been instructed to--


Who am I kidding?

That would NEVER happen.

(Sorry if I got you excited). ;-)


Tom Policinski said...

Thanks for the Minor heart attack from excitement... Haha

angee said...

Thanks for being a jerk. I believed.

Jane Chantal said...

Oh, Timman -- that was mean. (But it makes the point nicely :-)

Elizabeth said...

You had me. :)