05 July 2013

Is It Just Me?

Or does this photo give anyone else the heebie-jeebies?


Christophe said...

After the last pope to abdicate, Celestine V, resigned in 1294, he was imprisoned by Pope Boniface VIII.

Dante put Celestine in the antechamber of Hell, saying that he "by his cowardice made the great refusal."


Dan Kenney said...


What exactly was the point of your comment?

Christophe said...

The same reason that the photo gives Timman the heebie-jeebies -- it was disastrous for Pope Benedict to resign.

Anonymous said...

Since Jesus Christ remains the head of the Church no matter what, what is wrong with his vicars serving limited terms, not necessarily defined by years, but self-defined by ability to carry on? What difference the uniform, that is really new-fangled (only 500 years old) as the history of the Church goes? What difference the title of "Pope emeritus" as an honorific? The externals shouldn't cause any discomfort to us faithful.

Jim Cole

Rory said...

I see what you are saying Tim.

It would probably be better if the prelates would remember the children dying of hunger because of the opulence of the Church and be willing to sit on folding chairs or even the ground.

Dan Kenney said...


Oh I see. Because of the resignation, a famed poet will put Benedict in hell...and then Benedict will be canonized a saint by the Church--sounds disastrous ;).

I understand your concern about the resignation, but shouldn't you trust Benedict's prudential judgment over your own?

JBazChicago said...

The photo is just fine. What I see is disappointment that Pope Benedict abdicated. I wish he were still pope.

However I see a humble man who knows himself (most don't), and knew action was needed immediately about cleaning up the curia, so he abdicated.

What I see is a rare exception, and the glories of the Church. A humble pope who retired in to the shadows, and a buffoon who is our present pope and despite his absurd inclinations, he won't destroy Christ's Church, but at least he'll clean up the curia.
God's acting a little weird these days...I'll take it over the alternative.

Anonymous said...

Papal Greats and Martyrs in antiquity who endured until the end provided a holy example for the Faithful and the world. Jim Cole - I do not agree with your posit but will concede it would have merit only within the framework of modernism and the Enlightenment.


Christophe said...

Dan Kenney - I have no doubt that Benedict will soon be declared a saint, as was JPII and John XXIII, (sans miracle), and as will be Francis. But Pius XII and Pius IX? No, not saints.

By the way, I do think Benedict was the best pope that could have been elected at the time, given the alternatives. And what Benedict did six years ago today was the most important thing that happened in the Church since Vatican II. So I'm not altogether negative about him.

long pants said...

I think your reactions to this pic are revelatory of the self-referential orientation that Pope Francis warned against. You're allowing yourselves to get caught up with all the wrong things.

timh said...

"However I see a humble man who knows himself (most don't), and knew action was needed" and in the photo this humble man does look as if his eyesight has failed - that induces a heebie-jeebies feeling in and of itself...

Anonymous said...

And other people get the heebie-jeebies from a cross and #6 etched on a pitcher's mound.

Anonymous said...

Please excuse any mistakes English is not my first language

This is not normal but they are trying to persuade us that It is.

What would happen if Pope Francis also abdicated? Would we have 3 Popes sitting on a chair?

The Pope is the Visible Head of the Church the Mystical Body of Christ, one Body with 2 (or 3, 4 in the future) Visible Heads?!

Be careful because the enemies of the Church are within. They want to destroy the Papacy, the Church as Jesus Christ established. Their goal is a Church without a clearly Visible Head where everybody shares the Keys.

This attempt is what we're gonna witness and they are trying getting us used to it. Watch out.

Cbalducc said...


Why do you call Pope Francis a "buffoon"?