17 July 2013

Not the First Outrage the Queen of England Endorsed

Following in the footsteps of prior moral paragons to occupy the throne of England, Elizabeth II endorses sodomite marriages.

And the swirl continues.


Long-Skirts said...

In November of 2006 the Episcopalian Church
"Outrage as Church backs calls for severely disabled babies to be killed at birth...The Church of England has broken with tradition"

at least

The church of England
With tradition broke
Well what did you expect
From their bishops ya bloke?

That IS their tradition
To break the vows
Their founder King Henry
Herded women like cows.

And when Rome eternal
Stepped in and said, "No!"
King Henry threw hissies
Lined girls in a row.

"Disproportionate treatment..."
To save a life?
That's like asking the Royals
To stay married for life!

King Henry the Eighth
Merely made some bad "choices"
And "lethal" acts (murder)
Now spews from church voices.

"Severely disabled
babies" at birth
Must be killed so that others
Can accumulate worth

And buy hats like the Royals
Mimic couples from Wales
Even though they have faces…
From Poe's horror tales!

Jane Chantal said...

She is a puppet who stands for nothing. If there was any doubt about it, she has now erased that doubt.

The shame of it is very bitter to an Anglophile like myself. And what an irony that this slap in the face of decency occurs as Britons prepare to welcome the queen's great-grandchild -- their future king or queen -- the product of a life-giving union that henceforward is to be legally equated with sodomy.