09 July 2013

The Mushy Middles

First, the usual Michael Voris cheesy delivery warning.  That being said, this video is worth discussing, as his analysis of three general camps in the Catholic Church holds some water-- particularly in noting that the "middles" have the practical effect of bolstering the modernists within the Church.

Have a view and feel free to discuss in the combox.


Fr. Andrew said...

Did you read Archbishop Chaput's article through First Things today? It is related but not parallel. He spoke of the effects of modernism, particularly in our agnosticism towards truth, which is most truly an apathy that keeps us from action. Part of the creation of the "mushy middle."

I was thinking of Revelations 3:16 during Voris' vid. Would that you were hot or cold, but you are lukewarm so I will spew you out of my mouth.

ATW said...

5%? On a good day, Traditionalists are <1%, but growing.

Karen said...

Yes, Fr., I thought the same thing about the quote from Revelations. It is quite frightening how large that segment has become.

Us winged ones (although I will admit to being a horned one at times; not a lib but a sinner) really need to grow, grow, grow! God help us.

I tried to explain all this to my son who is a city planning major and we were discussing the ebb and flow of the population of the city as opposed to the county (St. Louis speak here) and his theory of why the city is losing population is that the houses are not big enough for families and so they all move to the county to have larger families. I told him (and I don't know if there is anything to factually back this up), but I think that people are not having enough children PERIODf, no matter where they live. It has nothing to do with the size of houses in the city but rather with contraception.

Many large families used to live in the small city houses; my grandparents raised 5 children in a two bedroom house in North City. Now everyone wants a big plastic mansion and only has 2 children.

I do know for a fact that we need at least 2.1 children per couple to keep the population growing but it seems people would rather have stuff than children. I see many couples in the city with no children but you can be sure they have pets and bikes, and kayaks and vacation homes, etc, not to mention the eco bumper stickers and the different save the animals stickers. Contracept, abort, but save the puppies. Does anyone else notice this?

I guess I got a little off-topic but again I say, God save us! Say the Rosary every day and as Michael Voris asked, say an extra decade for the Church.

Unknown said...

Michael Voris speaks direct and right to the point , which I like. Nothing watered down there .
But you see I do not want the water down version of the TRUTH, I want the complete TRUTH . I am listening NOW. I am trying to grow in holiness and that is challenging these days when the world embraces sin , and thinks nothing of it . Lukewarm Catholics and indifferent Catholics need to wake up and embrace the complete TRUTH. Only by the grace of God was I able to turn and be set free and to embrace the complete TRUTH. Thanks be to God!

Fr. Andrew said...


Regarding your comment about shrinking populations, Archbishop Carlson- when he was Bishop of my diocese, went to visit a parish slated to be closed. People were angry and voiced their anger. Bishop Carlson responded (very rough quote): "If you're angry, be angry with yourselves. You contracepted yourselves out of a parish. If you wanted to save this parish you would burn down the pharmacy."

Or so the story goes 'round here...

Karen said...

Yes, again, I agree with Archbishop Carlson. I don't know why young people don't see such an obvious danger. If there are no children, who will take care of them in their old age? How will the population grow, much less the Church? They think there are too many people and too many of a certain kind of people. So abortion is the answer to that and contraception is the answer to should I be able to buy stuff or be able to raise new people. Stuff wins. Human life has no value. Only stuff has value. So stuff wins out over God. The material joys of their temporary life here on earth wins out over their eternal life with God. So sad. I guess all we can do is pray that God opens eyes. They are so blind!

Anonymous said...

I think you are closer to the mark than you know. A gentleman named William Johnston has a website called "Johnston's Archive" where, among other things, he presents abortion statistics on a county level. The City of St. Louis is the clear leader in terms of number of abortions, at 1,000 - 1,500 per year over the past decade. Thus, 10,000 to 15,000 of the City's population loss of 29,000 residents over the last decade can be attributed to that. (And note that does not count the effect of other family planning approaches.)
Not only is the plain loss of population bad enough (ironically, the politicians who most favor abortion are the ones screaming the loudest that the shrinkage of their districts has led to a loss of House seats), but I suspect it will have economic ramifications, too. First of all, as a population becomes composed disproportionately of retirees, a large chunk of the economy depends on fixed incomes (that do not handle inflation well), and those retirees create less demand as they become more homebound. Furthermore, per capita, older populations have fewer entrepreneurs; it is remarkable that, in a knowledge economy, we so brazenly destroy one-sixth to one-fifth of its greatest resource - people. We would consider that a national crisis were it due to any other reason.
I hate to speak about human lives in such crass terms, but it seems that the argument for the simple moral value of human life has made little headway over the past four decades.

Bryan Kirchoff
St. Louis

Anonymous said...

Fr. Andrew:

Really? Wow. He is right on the facts, of course, and I believe that he is doing a fine job here in the STL, although I caveat that statement with: (A) many of my traddy friends are suspicious of his level of orthodoxy, and (B) I admittedly don't play as close attention to the machinations of the mini-curia in the Lou as others. All that being said, I can't imagine him saying that to a parish here. (And I say that with mixed feelings about the propriety of such a statement.)

In charity,

SLPS Parent

Fr. Andrew said...


I understand you make comment in good faith. A great reminder for all of us to pray for our priests/pastors/bishops. I can't imagine being a bishop, let alone for as long as he has been one.