31 July 2013

Vexilla Regis Mottram Prodeunt


Shame on me for taking the bait, but the Rex Mottrams of the blog world are at it again.  Yet again, we see the brave hunters of the evil Rad Trad letting us know that no matter what outrages traditionally-minded Catholics might suffer, it is always, ALWAYS, their own fault.

How dare you want the traditional Mass!  How dare you pursue your rights under the laws of the Church!  How dare you take a stand for the moral law!  Relax and don't mention anything unpleasant!

This time we have Taylor Marshall giving us his take on the decision to prohibit the traditional Mass, without prior permission, to the Franciscans of the Immaculate.  He refers to what he says is the opinion of one of the priests in the minority camp of the Franciscans-- one who preferred the novus ordo:  You see, the FIs were "sipping from the radical traditionalist cool aid".

 And then he goes on to give the reader a "snap shot" of just what is a radical traditionalist:

a) the denial of the Jewish holocaust
b) the outright denial of Vatican 2 as a valid council
c) rhetorical style of the Rorate Caeli blog
d) the embrace of isolationist sub-culture of Catholicism or “Amish Catholicism”
e) the denial the charismatic gifts and the charistmatic movement
f) sympathy for the Bp Williamson’s style of traditionalism
g) disdain for Pope John Paul II and Pope Francis
h) the belief that Latin Mass Catholics are “A Team” and Novus Ordo Catholics are “B Team”
i) Gnostic ecclesiology – that “traditionalists” form the one true invisible Catholic Church

The Straw Man Cometh.  Marshall adds as a disclaimer that he doesn't think that "most" of the people who attend the traditional Mass "are all that close" to this snapshot.  So why bring it up?  Are "most" Franciscans RadTrads?  No?  Then what is the point of all this except to warn everyone that though "most" traditionalists aren't this way, you see, well, maybe they are? wink, wink!

You see, the point to be made to other bloggers is that he's one of the good ones.

I posted this comment:

Oh. Yes. The rad trads. Scary. I'm surprised you don't have some grainy, 8mm footage of one lurking in the distance to prove they exist. 

Not only do I agree with your disclaimer that "most people" attending the TLM don't meet your criteria, I doubt you could produce a single one.

Back before total frustration with this tactic set in, I would write ad nauseam to Mark Shea and others, begging the dropping of labels like rad trad and neo-catholic etc.  I am one of those trads who very much think that "conservatives" and "trads" have common cause and should work together.  I know you have seen me use these terms lately as a shorthand descriptor, but would gladly, gladly drop the whole sorry thing.

I am tired of the smug mudslinging of the self-appointed blog betters who tell me to take my medicine and call it delicious.  To them, I simply say that charity does not mean total self-delusion.  One is not required to lie to serve charity.  Bearing unpleasant facts-- yes, that may sometimes be required by charity.  Lying about facts-- that never is charity's demand.

Adherents to the philosophy of thisPope (tm) would do well to keep this in mind.

Anyway, to end on a bright note of charity, a better Catholic than myself posted this comment on the Marshall post:

Dr. Marshall,

I admire you as a Catholic intellectual and father and am an ardent supporter of Fisher More College. I am, however, disappointed in this analysis. While I agree with the counsel that we should remain calm and follow the instruction of St. Paul in Phil 2:14-15, I think you fall into the common trap of blaming Traditionalists first whenever something unfortunate befalls them. 

It goes something like this: Yes, the Bishop has disbanded the Latin Mass Community in his Diocese, but it's really the traditionalists fault because they're jerks; stubborn and difficult people. Some of them are even anti-semites and closet sedevacantists. I can't really name who they are, but trust me they are there. If only they'd become active in the Diocese - you know - participate in the ecumenical prayer services and help with RCIA. Then everything would be okay.

I always shake my head when I read lists like you put together in this post. It seems like the desire to be seen as mainstream always forces people to trot out these tendentious lists of supposed traditionalist faults. I'm curious where all these people are. Which people specifically at Mater Dei Parish in Irving are anti semites? I want to know. I keep hearing these claims and quite frankly I don't believe the problem exists like so many "mainstream" Catholics say. 

As someone that only learned of the Traditional Mass after SP, I've become appalled at how Traditional Catholics are treated. I've seen this first hand. I've seen them belittled and treated as second class citizens by priests and bishops. And, instead of sympathy from mainstream conservative Catholics they are blamed for what befalls them. It's baffling.


Long-Skirts said...

"As someone that only learned of the Traditional Mass after SP, I've become appalled at how Traditional Catholics are treated"

"...they are a wicked animal,
when attacked they defend!"


(Say what?!!)

The Vortex of Real
Catholic T. V.
The Bishop did strike
With firm certainty.

Franciscan Friars
Some trouble there be?
“Cut out that Mass
Of perpetuity.”

Seminary, Christian,
Those Pius of Ten,
"I am 'the man'
And I will say when!"

But you in Brazil
Three million and three
Princes diverse
Proud hu - mility

Poor and so burdened
I say, "Come to me…
And place beach balls on Altars
With a green sports jer-zee."

De Liliis said...

Selective enforcement.

Enforce the laws to the strictest on those you hate, even twist them to fit, and mischaracterize and interpret the innocent to be the guilty. When they protest -- they are the guilty.

And let all you support go free and pass through unhindered. Give them what you take from those you use the enforcement on for their benefit. Help them in every way.

... And then..

"Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it."

The Communist tactic..

John Andra said...

Assume the latin mass attracts sinners like a magnet. Isn't that good? Then the priests and grace can work them over. If the argument is that the latin mass makes people into sinners, that is simply too much. So I say more latin masses, to attract more sinners, and then to work them over! Everyone is happy.

Alexander said...

Two things:

1. “Neo-conservatives” or “Neo-Traditionals” can be as stupid and vile as faux-traditionalists.

2. I am pretty convinced that Satan has taken Catholics who would otherwise be level-headed and faithful and pitted them against each other in order to further the crisis of faith – and they would be the “neo-conservatives” and the faux-traditionalists (or even sometimes real traditionals).

The Riopel Family said...

I have some good news (in the face of all that has not been good news) in my own little corner of the USA, our Diocesan Administrator (our Bishop was made an Archbishop) has given our little Latin Mass some legitimacy by appointing a Chaplain and two other priests to say the Latin Mass for us on Sundays and Holy Days. For 30 years it was whichever Diocesan priest wanted to learn the EF and would be willing to celebrate it. At first it was once a month and then it became every Sunday and now we have our own Chaplain which we hope means...someday...our own parish. Please pray for our Chaplain as he travels (along with one of the other appointed priests) to Chicago to learn the High Mass :) We have been very blessed here.

Anonymous said...

I love all of these former Protestant ministers who come into the Church, get an M Div and a blog, and then tell us how to be Catholic.

I learned "how to be" Catholic at the knee of my grandparents, who were born traditional Catholics and had the faith handed on to them by their traditional Catholic parents and grandparents and so on...


Athelstane said...

I generally like Dr. Marshall's bloggy work, and certainly what he's done at Fisher-More.

But that said, this list sounds like a partisan gloss from one side in this dispute. If you're going to throw out charges like that from one of the interested parties, I think there's an obligation to get the other side. Or failing that, to really put in the necessary qualifiers - who is saying this, and that you don't have enough information to judge.

I don't know much about the FFI - my contacts have been tenuous - but none of this really rings true from what little I have heard. Perhaps there's something to it; but if there is, it would be nice to hear something beyond the polemic of one of the interested parties in the order.

Such traditionalists who embody a few or more of these characteristics *do* exist; but in my experience, they're very rare...usually confined to the wild man fringe of the SSPX or sede groups, and disproportionately active online. And I should add that (again, in my experience) plenty of SSPX adherents don't easily embody these traits.

Anonymous said...

Point of clarification...Dr. Marshall is no longer with Fisher More College.


Christophe said...

The discouraging thing is that the first time the Pope decides to go papal - and exercise his disciplinary authority - it's against the traditionalists and the TLM. Too bad in this case he didn't say, "Who am I to judge?" He didn't seize the opportunity, when it presented itself, to smack down the LCWR, or the "gay lobby" or the Vatican banksters. Instead, he smote the Trads, without much provocation, it seems to me. Meanwhile, he bats his eyes at the divorced, the gays, the women - all the official liberal victims.

Karen said...

I have been attending the TLM for several years now and then mingle with the people after Mass. I have NEVER heard any of these people express any of the allegad thoughts/feelings/actions in the list. Not one! Where are these people? The people I talk to after Mass are nothing but charitable and humble. There are no raised voices, arguments, vehement opinions expressed. Everyone is very calm, pleasant and seems to be very comfortable in their TLM skins without any hostility towards other Catholics. Yes, Satan is definitely at work. Division is his other name.

Jane Chantal said...

What Christophe said.

And I was initially quite excited and hopeful about our Holy Father; I considered his "accessible" personal style to be much more of a plus than a minus. It still could be. But the egregiousness with which a destructive (how else to honestly characterize it?) double standard is being applied is alarming and deeply hurtful. And MAKES NO SENSE.

Aged parent said...

Very well-written post, and many heartening comments. It lifted my spirits tremendously.