01 August 2013

A Decent Explanation

I don't agree with everything he says here, but this video by Michael Voris is a good and charitable attempt to describe the nature of the commonalities and differences among faithful Catholics we've covered here the past several days.


Anonymous said...

Then there is a breakdown between traditionalists.

Simply put:

1. Traditionalists who attend both the NO and TLM.--No preference

2. Traditionalists who prefer the TLM, but will attend the NO.

3. Traditionalists who would only attend TLM.

4. Traditionalists who primarily attend diocesan TLMs, but have no problem attending SSPX Masses.

5. SSPXers who will if necessary attend a diocesan TLM.

5. SSPX only.

6. Sedevacantists.

7. Conclavists, home church, etc...

There is also a breakdown on the varying degrees one accepts the documents of Vatican II and what specifically they find problematic. Among other things, but that's the general idea. Home school vs Catholic school, etc...


J said...

I am a almost always number 3. Latin Mass only, unless a funeral, wedding, or travel makes me have to attend NO. I would prefer SSPX to NO, but have never done so to avoid attending a NO Mass. That said, I feel strongly enough to have attended less than 10 NO Masses over the last 9 years or so. I prefer FSSP or ICRSS but when traveling have attended diocesan TLMs.