22 August 2013

Aiming for the Lowest Common Corenominator

And a brief but insightful commentary here.

New slogan for Catholic schools:  I Can't Believe It's Not Public School!


The Riopel Family said...

I had my sis-in-law watch this video and read what was on Fr Z's blog and she thought the lady explained it poorly (putting in mildly, I know). My sis-in-law teaches Math to Middle School in a public school and has taken a lot of hours for common core and she said that the correct answer is the most important thing but what they are trying to do is teach kids to think~ To be able to apply mathematical theories to everyday life and so they need to be able to explain why they answered a problem the way that they did and thus be able to see if it could be true if applied to an everyday situation.Example that she gave was landscaping a backyard using some rock, some sod, some asphalt, and some mulch. They were given the cost per the applicable measurement for each and then they had to figure out the total cost for the job. They were not given the formulas needed to answer the problem. They had to figure that out on their own. Sadly, this is not something kids were learning before and before they were given everything they needed to solve the problem and there was little thinking involved which meant that some couldn't take what they had learned and use it outside of the classroom. This is how I teach my kids at home. We learn fractions/measurements by cooking and doubling recipes and the like. It is great if they know the answer in the math book but obviously much more important if the know how to take what they have learned and use it outside of the classroom. Anyhow, this is my understanding of what common core is "meant" to be be...what it may actually be could be a different story.

Caroline said...

I went to an elite, secular private school and this was how just about every humanities class was done.

Because I didn't know any better (having been exposed to this curriculum at Catholic and other secular schools my whole life), I became a science major in college because it seemed like the only subject where you couldn't just make stuff up.

No surprise it's finally starting to leak beyond the humanities and social sciences.

Here's hoping our future engineers won't be told that if their bridge collapses, it's still only about the reasoning they used to build it...

SJ said...

The archdiocese in St. Louis is implementing the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative. This is a disaster for our Catholic schools. Please look into this and call the diocese. Parents are purposely being kept in the dark. Unfortunately, homeschoolers and private schools will not be able to escape Common Core because the textbook companies and stardardized testing companies are involved also. Scary stuff.