23 August 2013

Do You Want to Attend a Conference on Fatima? You're an Anti-Semite.

According to the scumbags of the SPLC. I'll link to the Remnant article. Follow the link there to the article at Salon.


Hank Monteith said...

If I said what I really thought of the accusations of anti-semitism then I would be labeled an "anti-semite", and whatever I said would be dismissed outright as tainted. It has become a conundrum regarding opinions about the Jews. One must give unqualified, 100% support of everything Jewish, without question, or you are labeled a Nazi. I cannot think of another group that allows less room for dissent. Oops! I guess that that sounded anti-semitic.

Anonymous said...

Gee...I wish I could go.


Patricia in St. Louis Oooo said...

Historically, the word Fatima refers to Mohamedan' s daughter......so that makes me
what........a muslim......hmmmmmmm Something is not right here ¡!

FedUp said...

Yea, but the same thing can be said about any one of a number of radical groups (pick a color), of charlatans like Jackson and Sharpton, of sodomite organizations, or any one of a host of entities like the SPLC that puke out their garbage and terrorize by intimidation, fear, and misinformation.

We gripe about it in the comboxs, and that’s about that's about as far as it goes, but it's the fuel that fires a growing polarization between what is objectively good and objectively evil and people are getting tired of the game.

I hope the Fatima Conference enjoys a sell out crowd.

Cbalducc said...

Does anyone here believe Father Nicolas Gruner is on the level? If so, why?

Cbalducc said...

Some Catholics seem to have been driven to paranoia by "Father" Gruner. I think he is either a conman or delusional. He should be excommunicated.

Why is it still necessary to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary now that Communism is not a threat from there?

thetimman said...


Are you saying Father Gruner isn't a priest? Has he been laicized?

Some would answer your question about why it is still necessary for the Pope to consecrate Russia to Mary's Immaculate Heart by stating that Our Lady asked for it, and that it has not been done.

Her reasons are her own, or her Son's. I don't need to know them.

Cbalducc said...

Gruner is a priest, but I think he is off the reservation.

RON PAUL! said...

old newsletters with which Paul was loosely associated many years ago whose content SPLC deems politically incorrect

That is definitely a, shall we say, generous interpretation. From predicting race wars, FEMA conspiracies (among others), and engaging in race baiting such as renaming New York zooville or welfaria is not merely politically incorrect. He may not have written all of it (some speculate Lew Rockwell wrote a lot of the more unhinged things), he did make money off of it and has changed his story numerous times.

Not exactly what I would call politically incorrect. It's something I'd expect from Alex Jones, not a former candidate that had many good Catholics supporting him.

Steve said...

Funny how folks on the right love to play the guilt by association game when it comes to Bill Ayers and Jeremiah Wright (Obama knows them, so he must be a terrible person), but those same folks are indignant when Ron Paul's racist newsletters and associations from earlier in his career are used to taint a conference that chose to have him as a main speaker. Of course, guilt by association is often a petty tactic. But the inconsistency of your outrage is what's amusing, folks.

X said...

"Why is it still necessary to consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary now that Communism is not a threat from there?"

Who ever said that the "errors" of Russia were Communism?

Jane Chantal said...


I know next to nothing about Ron Paul or anyone he has ever had dealings with. If he is a political force to be reckoned with, I should endeavor to learn more about him. Meanwhile, Barack Obama has become President and it is well known that Jeremiah Wright was a great deal more to him than just somebody he happened to know. And if it is the case that Obama was launched into politics from Bill Ayers' living room, there is at least a symbolic association with Ayers that bears taking into account.