03 August 2013

Not Well-Reported, but to Be Noted

Re: not living in the papal apartment

"You were speaking of the fact that I have stayed at St. Martha’s: but I couldn’t live alone in the Palace, and it’s not luxurious. The papal apartment isn’t so luxurious! It’s ample, big, but not luxurious, but I can’t live alone and with a small tiny group! I need people, to meet people, to talk with people…

And because of this, the boys of the Jesuit school asked me: “Why do you do it?"

Out of austerity? Poverty? No, no."

Re: often using the title "Bishop of Rome"

"Yes, on this we must not go beyond what is said. The Pope is bishop, Bishop of Rome, because the Bishop of Rome is the Successor of Peter, Vicar of Christ. There are other titles, but the first title is “Bishop of Rome,” and everything stems from there. To speak, to think what this means to be primus inter pares, no, this isn’t a consequence of that. It’s simply the Pope’s first title: Bishop of Rome. But there are also others … I think you said something about ecumenism: I believe this favors ecumenism somewhat."

-- Pope Francis, from "the" in-flight press conference


traddadof4 said...


Something's being lost in translation, for me, quite often for this Pope.

Francis "Who Am I To Judge" Bergoglio doesnt isnt given to measured, precise, phraseology, is he?

Anonymous said...

And how measured and precise is
'doesnt isnt given'?

Jane Chantal said...

:-) Fwiw, the vibe I'm getting from the quote is that the Holy Father is explaining that -- contrary to what anti-Catholics sometimes insinuate -- the papal apartments do not drip with opulence and scream "no expense spared"...that in choosing to live elsewhere, he is not fleeing luxury, but [what he feels would be] isolation.

Jane Chantal said...

p.s. I found the second quote, about the Pope's titles, a little more obscure -- especially in connection with ecumenism. I guess that the gist is that "Bishop of Rome" is first among equals wrt papal titles similarly to Peter's being first among equals wrt the Apostles. Which perhaps is a way of expressing the Pope's role that is less irritating to the Orthodox Churches than some of the other titles. So, it might favor ecumenism with the Orthodox.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.